Nobody's Fool - Miranda Lambert

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  1. I am total fool for you Miranda.
  2. Nobody's fool....nice play on words.....good song
  3. I am nobodies fool doesnt matter how much i love them..
  4. i love you - miranda lambert...
  5. I really hate the guitar break tho.....doesn't suit the song IMO 
  6. Don't be nobody's FOOL ! My Miranda Fix for the day
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  8. I wanna be just like Miranda when i get older... (:
  9. she is my favorite country singer :)
  10. 14 people are somebody's fool!! lol
  11. GREAT!!!!!!!!!.BEEN THERE!!!!!..
  12. I'm going to see Miranda on April 19th in WI! So excited :)
  13. <3
  14. @hebenn01 He's nobody. ;)
  15. Be yourself ... You'll thank yourself for it later ;) Good luck an live life on your terms!
  16. why not??? you cant tell her who she wants to be like
  17. im sure in the hell,, nobodys fool :)
  18. shes so beautiful!
  19. :3 *sniff*
  20. he's nobody.. and i'm nobody's fool!!
  21. She is one beautiful woman. I definitely look up to her. :]
  22. i love how she does that that too...there's another one called "lyin here"she does that in,you've probably heard:)she's great!
  23. Love Miranda Lambert. I love how every single one of her songs has some sort of message, usually a secret message. Like in this one, "When they ask, I'll just say hes *Nobody*." "And me, well I'm *nobody's* fool." lovee it <3
  24. love this song.