O re piya singing foriegn girl

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must watch video

  1. U suck ... :D lol
  2. Great job
  3. wow she is good
  5. how true singer :)
  6. you have a good voice and I like the way you immerse yourself in the song, when you sing.
  7. What a voice!
  8. mesmerizing 
  9. damn man!!!....i m amazed!! 
  10. Oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddd it awsome
  11. I am absolutely mind blown. You have such an enchanting voice and sing this song beautifully. It's very hard to sing so hats off to you for doing such an amazing job.
  12. Dear Mr Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Look what ave you Done :)
  13. Amazing!!! She sang it really well. It's a very beautiful n difficult song sung by one of our greatest singers. God joob there Angelica
  14. amazing, ..... really b'ful
  15. Simply awesome, awesome!
  16. i really liked it !!!!
  17. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Omg not bad indeed keep it up and keep singing from your heart.
  19. hats off !!
  20. It was lovely ;)
  21. Wish she would be knowing the meaning of this beautiful along with singing it.. :)
  22. respect!! ;)
  23. awsm ... glad to hear from western voice ...
  24. fantastic
  25. S U P E R B !!!!!!!!!!!