O re piya singing foriegn girl

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must watch video

  1. Beautiful
  2. Really great voice.. and hey she sang with higher note.. Its really unbelievable... I guess only 1 percent of female singers having that quality... :) :) :) /
  3. Good effort Angelica!! Great voice and dedication!!! salute you make me proud as ever of the music Indians can create for the world to love and hum :) 
  4. but it was still and effort... she =hit all the notes but has no accent and brings too much western into the k=music... this is one of my fav songs
  5. You have a beautiful voice Angelica!! May God bless you and help you achieve great sucess!!
  6. I am a vocalist myself. I think this is one of the finer renditions i have heard. Bravo! Good job! Accent was great. The idea of falsetting high notes is a damn good one coz the original singer Rahat Fateh is one of the greats with a natural great pitch. Great job girl!
  7. nancy kaur y dont you upload you voice and then we can compare and say who is shit, weel done angelica you are excellant
  8. its brilliant
  9. you sung!so beautifully:)
  10. u were just awesome!!!! just upload the whole one its nice to hear the complete song from you.good work :) (y)
  11. scary
  12. nancy kaur first give her respect she is trying to sing hindi song very hard for them sing hindi song than indian
  13. aWeSuM...
  14. awesome wish you good luck
  15. You have sung the most difficult song so beautiful my 5k thumbs u r welcome to India to perform live if u desire ....I am totally amazed and speechless over the way u hv sung this song so beautifully ...more over when i see so many foreigners liking Indian songs why then they dont marry Indian guys ? hahaha just a small thinking 
  16. Good effort. An she gotta good voice.
  17. u r not perfect but i salute ur willingness to sing this hard and tough song... nice effort... although ur voice is very good and its not so bad listening to ore piya on your voice...
  18. U suck ... :D lol
  19. its my fav song ,good voice keep it up
  20. you have a good voice and I like the way you immerse yourself in the song, when you sing.
  21. wow she is good
  22. how true singer :)
  23. Great job
  24. damn man!!!....i m amazed!!