Old School R&B Slowjams 2004-2007

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By many requests I finally dropped another Old School Slowjam mixtape. This time I focused on the mid 2000's. Most tracks are about unfaithfulness, break ups and anger within a relationship. We've all been there, through the hardships, heartaches, breaking ups and getting over it. When you look back you remember that period and let's hope we've all learned from it and grew stronger because of it. I hope you don't see these experiences as purely negative ones. Sometimes it's just a part of life and you have to go through this to be a better, more grounded and solid person. Listen to the full mixtape here: Orig. Post: http://tinyurl.com/46hxluz MixCloud: http://tinyurl.com/4dsge5x OfficialFM: http://tinyurl.com/5v2nwjx Download: http://tinyurl.com/46hxluz Playlist: R. Kelly -- I'm A Flirt Monica -- Sideline Ho Usher -- Confessions Part 2 Marques Houston & Mya ft Shawnna -- Hold N' Back Lloyd -- Certified Usher & R. Kelly -- Same Girl Omarion -- I'm Gon' Change Tamia -- When A Woman Omarion -- O http://www.mikecheckum.com/tag/old-school-slowjams/ mikecheckum@gmail.com

  1. nice old school jam
  2. My only thing with this is why is this called "Old School R&B Slowjams..." when its 10 years and less old??? If anything, this would be called 'yesterday's' music not oldschool. Music gets and "Oldschool" title when it is more than 20+ years old
  3. i luv dis
  4. nice
  5. let me love you by mario ?
  6. thanks..enjoyed this playlist:)))
  7. It's Me
  8. Mix sensuel.... comme on l'aime
  9. tunes
  10. those songs are nice! we can say compared to those singers now "C.Brn & L.Wayne & neyo . r kelly is from the old skool yea :) but those tunes aint old school :) thanks 4 sharing anyway
  11. old school or new school...People gv kudos the damn video is good...
  12. Bro I feeel old a shit ha this is in my era and youn ga ha shit kids ent got a clue of old skool. holly muda fuckin jesus crist holy ghost shitz hahaha
  13. i like how the transitions are smooth rather than abrupt. good work
  14. nice mix INDEED!
  15. 2004 is old school. 2007 is not.
  16. THANK YOU...My exact thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Jagged Edge..Promise..hows that not on the list?
  17. Im a flirt is not a 'Slow Jam' WTH???
  18. @mikecheckum Songs from the 80s and 70s would be classifies as "RETRO!"
  19. This is sick, loved it! Great tunes :) xx