One of the most famous Spanish songs Ever (El Porompompero)-( Guitar Lesson. ) P1

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TABS are available right here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You asked for more Flamenco Lessons and especially Rumbas. Well... Here is a small song that I made up and combined with a famous sounding song just for you guys. God Bless~ Learn more at:

  1. Almost 3.000.000 views!!! El Porompompero Guitar Lesson + .TABS. Thank you for watching¬ God Bless.
  2. haha. holy shit man, that easiness and elegance in your strumming is just beautiful! wish I could do it like that. good job brother!
  3. Hi... you are awesome ... I also wanto learn to play guitar.. plzz tell me which kind of guitar should I purchase as a beginner ... plzzzz plzzzz..reply ..
  4. It is a very specific style...Own one!!! but about Chords there are much more then these, in my view. 5000 is not enough. But I cogatulate you for your preformance... I like it.
  5. And now...! With TABS!! :D Happy playing¬¬
  6. RESPECT <3 thank you so much!!
  7. that was a amazing
  8. U help me it sounds good when I tried it it was good but when it was Barr chords I wasn't doing to good can u make a video about a easy way to do a Barr chord that would be good
  9. This. Is. Awesome. You sir are an amazing guitar player :)
  10. thats good i wish you good luck 
  11. Beautiful! Thank you such a great lesson.
  12. nice very good. 
  13. Thanks so much, very good job GiveOrLooseIt! :D
  14. Vivo en Spain y me ha encantado tu video. Felicidades y gracias
  15. So beautiful!
  16. ωραιος μεγαλε good job !
  17. This is AMAZING!!!!!!
  18. You are an amazing teacher and guitar player!!!
  19. amazing!
  20. Hii Mr Alexandros, ive been looking on all your videos and cant find something like this one, i was wondering, if you can post a video with one string solo play, just like the intro in this video, please, please please, thank you so much, looking forward to your next videos
  21. Freaking owsm!!! Amazing □□□
  22. I'm really glad that i found someone who really knows to explain how to play guitar and specially Spanish. a lot of thanks bro.
  23. Excellent