One of the most famous Spanish songs Ever (El Porompompero)-( Guitar Lesson. ) P1

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Hey guys! :) Join our Guitar Group: Free Mp3 of: El Porompompero & 4 Picking Patterns from my E-book: You asked for more Flamenco Lessons and especially Rumbas. Well... Here is a small song that a made up and combined with a famous sounding song just for you guys. God Bless~ For Donations to support GiveOrLooseIt:

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  4. One of the most famous Spanish songs Ever (El Porompompero)- ( Guitar Lesson. ) P1
  5. Love it! Thank you. . .
  6. what is the name of this song please ?
  7. the amount of talent O_o
  8. Woah! That strumming is awesome.
  9. dude....your technique is SICK!!!....loved it
  10. Oh, and nice beard.
  11. You're the best man!!!! Just hope one day i can marry someone who can play just as well!!! I'd be just sitting there mesmerised watching :D MUCH LOVE x
  12. Hey man am from Iraq and here we have no good teachers so thank u very much you have been so helpful to me so thank very very much
  13. That strum is preeeetty impressive
  14. l wish you good luck ;)
  15. nice playing bro... always loved music but never picked up any instruments :(
  16. thanku :)
  17. You are wonderful x
  18. Bravo.......................
  19. i like spanyol from indonesia
  20. Thank you so much for all your work. This was the fist Spanish song I ever leant on guitar (thanks to you) and is still my favorite. I can now play 11 Spanish pieces. Thankyou, I really appreciate it :)
  21. No words
  22. what is the name this kind of strumming in guitar
  23. Great lesson, is there a link for the next video?
  24. A phenomenal piece my good sir! Excellent instruction, composition and playing. It's easy to see why you deserve every one of the views. ^_^
  25. LUV IT