One of the most famous Spanish songs Ever (El Porompompero)-( Guitar Lesson. ) P1

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TABS are available right here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You asked for more Flamenco Lessons and especially Rumbas. Well... Here is a small song that a made up and combined with a famous sounding song just for you guys. God Bless~ Learn more at:

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  4. amazing!
  5. So to solo on these chords just use a C major (A aeolian minor) scale with the addition of a G# over the E chord ( E phrygian major ). I get all this my theory is very good. I love to fingerpick but have very thin fingernails and over the years have tried many products on them. I am thinking of getting acrylic's but have heard good and bad things about them. What do you think ? I would love to have good nails ! Great lessons .
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  7. Freaking owsm!!! Amazing □□□
  8. One of the most famous Spanish songs Ever (El Porompompero)- ( Guitar Lesson. ) P1
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  12. Freaking owsm!!! Amazing □□□
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  21. Is this a classic giutar ?? +GiveOrLooseIt 
  22. what is the name this kind of strumming in guitar
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