Opening To Caillou's Furry Friends 2001 VHS

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Here Is The Opening To Caillou's Furry Friends 2001 VHS And Here Are The Order: 1.FBI Warning Screen 2.Warner Home Video Logo w/byline 3.PBS Kids Video Logo 4.PBS Kids & You (With The Song Use Your Inmagination) Promo 5.Cinar "non-silent" Logo 6.Caillou Intro 7.Opening Title (With The First Few Seconds Of The Video) That's All. ©2001 Warner Home Video Inc. Note:This is not fake so do not tell me its fake because its the right one.

  2. Other Caillou VHS Tapes have the 1997 Warner Home Video logo.
  3. I did not see the 1985 Warner Home Video logo on any Caillou tapes.
  4. It's real!
  5. If this is from 2001, then what the heck does this have the Warner Home Video "Cheesy Shield" logo after it ended in 1997? Because it makes a surprise appearance!
  6. Rrrr
  7. FUCK OFF!
  8. This is very rare
  9. @CrazyBrandondorf This is certainly not a mixup. You and your fake crap. Like many other Caillou VHS tapes, Caillou's Furry Friends has the 1997 logo.
  10. 2001 change that the 1993
  11. WRONG!! They stopped using the Cheesy Shield Warner Home Video logo in 1997!
  12. Fake
  13. What shows are at 0:49 and 1:19
  14. FUCK YOU
  15. no that the 1986-1996
  16. @videolover1999 Sure it can but its just a mixup.
  17. Could you upload the Full VHS?
  18. @PreviewDude52797 So what they can also use it again.
  19. It Does Not hsve The 1985 Warner Home Video Logo! It has The 1997 Logo!
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