Orbit wheel en Guatemala

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  1. This is fuckin stupid. Another stupid idea to try to get rich quick like the ripstick. Buy a skateboard. 
  2. Хорошая конечно вещь, но это не для российских тротуаров =D
  3. I guess you will learn how to glide very well if your a dancer lol.
  4. shitty euro trash music
  5. Mi hermano no pares, sigue con tus inventos que este que mostraste se ve muy interesante ley un bobo que decia otro estupido invento para hacerse rico pero estoy muy seguro que quisiera tener ese don de inventar, o le dio mucho celos de que el invento salio de ti por tu nombre quisas si tu nombre fuera americano te estuviera alavando jajaja , desde orlado florida te deseo mucho exito no le hagas caso a estos personajes, por ahy vi que un famoso dj de musica electronica te escribio aprovecha y contestale que sabra Dios si esta es la oportunidad. 
  6. Have a downvote asshole music uploader! +Fernando Obregon
  7. Believe it or not, this won most pointless invention award in 2009.
  8. Hey, the parallel universe called from the 80's They want their Orbit wheel back.
  9. Sucks!
  10. how/ where can i get these?!?!?!
  11. Music is to high, cant hear what the fuck he is saying!!! Bad info movie!!!!
  12. Stupid idea you will like fall off in a second
  13. This was poorly edited. The voiceover track is too quiet and the music is too loud, drowning it out.
  14. I vote skateboard is better because any one can't stand beat the challenges of Tony,Bam, and other classic pro punks'. This is making this for babies play. 
  15. Make them so you don't have to go side ways!
  16. Sadly this doesn't look like it will work very well. How do you push off? Its two awkward. A skateboard is better.
  17. I need this!
  18. And nobody talks about how the music is so loud that you can barely hear the voice. "There was a voice in there?" Exactly,
  19. Love the concept, can't wait to give it a try myself :)
  20. Shitty music :/
  21. 3:32 hot girl
  22. This is awesome!!!!!!!! I would buy it if it doesn't cost a lot 
  23. All I see are broken ankles