Orbit wheel en Guatemala

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  1. 16 million views, 16 purchases. 
  2. I want a pair of these!
  3. How much?
  4. Goodbye ankles
  5. Awesome, I've been looking for a way to fuck up my ankles
  6. magnets
  7. piece of crap
  9. not good ..
  10. Those look really slow...haha
  11. That is so awesome!
  12. This product can be got better.
  13. where is party boy from jackasss
  14. Inventions do not dress out
  15. For when you want that "I must go my people need me" look.
  16. The song is - "Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel"
  17. nice way to learn to do the unintentional splits. Such a silly idea.
  18. I think I have never seen a person put shoes many times in a single minute...
  19. Until you break an ankle.
  20. to much text
  21. this is probable one of the most gayest viedo ive ever scine
  22. Damn, all the best inventions come from Guatemala... I remember when they landed on the moon...oh, that's right, they faked it.
  23. If people buy this invention that's when you know that your lazy! And if every one buy's this that's when the every one's gonna look like the character's from that movie WALL E!! Walking is better.
  24. Do the splits!
  25. just checked Amazon and saw the price. No thanks I'll make my own. Probs wont look as good or work as well but they'll last me till I get bored.