Orbit wheel en Guatemala

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  1. Achei Muito legal! :D não é o skate do Martin Macfly mas é bom tbm. rs 
  2. This is fuckin stupid. Another stupid idea to try to get rich quick like the ripstick. Buy a skateboard. 
  3. shitty euro trash music
  4. Is this from the Klutz book of Inventions?
  5. I love that music, darude sandstom
  6. WoW! ThIs Is AmAzInG !! My MiNd Is CoMpLeTeLy BloWn!!! NOT! I'd rather walk.
  7. no better way to break your ankles for 5 seconds :D
  8. I guess you will learn how to glide very well if your a dancer lol.
  9. Mr. Krab of the Krusty Krab would like to have one of those. He walks side ways.
  10. Can hear the original sound you boob.
  11. hoverboard lets go back to the future !!!!!
  12. Great, now I can be late for work and look like a fucking moron.
  13. So basically roller skates but more awkward and dangerous.
  14. visualizza ilmio vide motore generatore magnetico eolico
  15. Holy shit what a bad idea, basically rollerblade slippers without proper breaks that looks like something lady gaga would use in her videos.
  16. You got the mix backwards. It's narrator in front, music behind.
  17. Hello, very cool stuff. How do I buy it ??? I live in Russia, St. Petersburg. Please answer where you can get ???
  18. Mi hermano no pares, sigue con tus inventos que este que mostraste se ve muy interesante ley un bobo que decia otro estupido invento para hacerse rico pero estoy muy seguro que quisiera tener ese don de inventar, o le dio mucho celos de que el invento salio de ti por tu nombre quisas si tu nombre fuera americano te estuviera alavando jajaja , desde orlado florida te deseo mucho exito no le hagas caso a estos personajes, por ahy vi que un famoso dj de musica electronica te escribio aprovecha y contestale que sabra Dios si esta es la oportunidad. 
  19. It would probably be a good video if it wasn't for the music. You can't hear the person that's talking about the Orbit Wheel
  20. Dumdist shit yo shit make a real hoverboard not that be some shit 
  21. 唯一的缺點 無法"跳耀" 腳必須死死的貼在地面上 直排輪可跳耀可跑步可抬腳 我寧可買直排輪
  22. Хорошая конечно вещь, но это не для российских тротуаров =D
  23. We may be able to hear what you're saying if you turned off the "music".