Orbit wheel en Guatemala

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  1. Achei Muito legal! :D não é o skate do Martin Macfly mas é bom tbm. rs 
  2. WoW! ThIs Is AmAzInG !! My MiNd Is CoMpLeTeLy BloWn!!! NOT! I'd rather walk.
  3. This is fuckin stupid. Another stupid idea to try to get rich quick like the ripstick. Buy a skateboard. 
  4. Horrível, não dá chance nenhuma em caso de cair..!
  5. seria mejor que inventaran unas en vez de verticales horizontales
  6. It's just an extremely large rip off of heely's or whatever the hell they were called...
  7. Is this from the Klutz book of Inventions?
  8. Was it just me or was that "music" way louder than the barely audible voice I think I heard in the background?
  9. You got the mix backwards. It's narrator in front, music behind.
  10. Тащемта досталась мне вот такая штука. Вытащил +Negi Springfield попробовать покататься на ней. Но чет мы минут 10 попробовали, и как-то вот нихуя не осилили. Возьму завтра еще в парк с собой, мейби смогу проехать хоть немного больше полуметра.
  11. LOL getting started, you might want to get some PADS. Knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and a helmet. Ok at least they are wearing helmets. .
  12. hoverboard lets go back to the future !!!!!
  13. Can hear the original sound you boob.
  14. Orbit wheel en Guatemala: https://youtu.be/sUXDjg6_bhM
  15. major reason this will never become popular ,,, who wants to travel sideways all the time
  16. well....we had that quite sometime ago.., and its called Roller Blades.
  17. You have to always keep your neck rotated. I think roller skates much better idea.
  18. I guess you will learn how to glide very well if your a dancer lol.
  19. Mr. Krab of the Krusty Krab would like to have one of those. He walks side ways.
  20. Make some air gear skate shoes lmfao.
  21. Хорошая конечно вещь, но это не для российских тротуаров =D
  22. I happen to applaud this idea. Stepping forward is what all of humanity is based on. I like the idea of something new. To all the haters, its okay, you have the right to your opinion and i do not mean to bash you at all. Im just saying i happen to think this is pretty cool and would definitely purchase a set for me and my wife if i ever come across them.