Paul Wall - Sittin' Sidewayz (Nice Quality)

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  1. Best years from 1990 to 2010 now everything is so gay 
  2. Midnight Club 3; DUB Edition all day
  3. "The best WHITE rapper". I hate when people assume that someone will be good or bad at a sport or activity depending on their skin color. At the end of the day a rapper is a rapper whether they are black or white and I will look at skill before I care about skin. 
  4. still better than iggy azalea
  5. Paul Wall dresses like he used to be really fat, lost a ton of weight, but forgot to change his wardrobe
  6. More karats than bugs bunnys lunch, dam he killed that shit.
  7. Miss these days of music... Now the radio got me listening to young thug and his gay shit
  8. My theme song in Midnight Club 3. Every time I felt that bass, I could make a class D muscle beat any class B tuner. Damn good times.
  9. Sittin' sideways.. On a semi-stiff floppy penis.
  10. I love you Paul wall😍😍😍
  11. Anyone know the name of the Spanish chick he pulled @ 1:25 ?
  12. Who would have guessed in 2014 all the best rappers would be white
  13. Question for black people, Would Paul Wall be allowed to say the n-word? 
  15. Best white rapper is Vanilla Ice
  16. Sooooo, what's he doing now? lol
  17. Fuck Paul Wall fake ass Rapper and Z-RO phony as rapper as hell Fuck Paul Wall bitch ass fake ass rapper. Fuck that fake ass Screwed and chopped culture in houston. Fuck Houston, Texas the city of today.
  18. Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix - great game, great times of childhood
  19. i miss this song paul wall the shit 
  20. These were the best music days...
  21. what ever happened to paul wall??? Paul Wall - Sittin' Sidewayz (Nice Quality):
  22. Soul-less mutha @ 1:18, get a life and stop perpetrating like wa' son {satanic triple 6 eye symbolism}
  23. 214Ballking Paul Wall's white Anglo Saxon American, he isn't Hispanic. But regardless his music was bumping back in 2005 and '06.
  24. I'm tired of hearing people saying 'OH hip hop today is so TRASH we only got Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Iggy Azalea why can't hip hop be how it used to be wahhhhhh!" Just shut the fuck up and listen and maybe you might hear something you fucking like! Flatbush Zombies, Logic, Mac Miller, J Cole, Kid Cudi, Joey Bada$$, The Underachievers, Wiz Khalifa, Capital Steez (Rest In Peace), Schoolboy Q, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Big Sean, Hopsin just to name a few?! Hip Hop is making a comeback people, please stop living in the past; trust me when I say you'll be surprised how much you will love some of the new stuff. It's mostly all I listen to now.
  25. I'm in love with girl in yellow @ 2:36 :)