Paul Wall - Sittin' Sidewayz (Nice Quality)

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  1. maaaan, why ppl hatin on him? That white boi can flow tho! 
  2. this is the devils music
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  4. That fat slob pokey never became shit... paul write that niggas shit for him lol... lameeee
  5. Swisha house!!!!! 
  6. hey wannabee's wangsta 
  7. Paul Wall - Sittin Sidewayz
  8. His chick bad ass phuk!!!
  9. Houston Hip Hop had some great years in the mid 2000's. 
  10. Doubt this song could ever get old!
  11. hahaha i been listening to this shit since 09, still loving it!
  12. 2:27 Juicy J still got his double cup
  13. LOL, black people put in the video to make him look champ. It's not happening, that dude would get beat up in every neighborhood.
  14. Kids think Paul wall is a wanna be? Smh 
  16. middle school days
  17. look up "this aint livin" by Z ro nigga and tell me real southern hip hop died in 2007.
  18. Damn back in the middle school days..
  19. more like a pale nigga :)
  20. And way better than Paul Wall.
  21. Houston is todays LA, whos atlanta? LMAO.
  22. years later this shit is still good
  23. 3rd coast classics:D
  24. The chicks in this video are bad
  25. he still one of my favorite artist you can vibe to his music