Payphone - Maroon 5 (cover) Megan Nicole and Dave Days

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Come see me! West Coast tour Tour VIP & ticket link below. I have a New Original song! Please show your support by grabbing "Never Wanna Let You Go" Available now on iTunes :) MORE ORIGINAL SONGS: New Single: "SUMMER FOREVER" - download on iTunes :) "B-e-a-utiful" on itunes: Payphone cover: Check out Dave Days channel here: You can find me on... FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @megannicolemusic Get your Megan Nicole TSHIRT's 'Payphone' as originally by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa Written by: Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, Shellback, Dan Omelio, Cameron Thomaz Published by: Universal Music Publishing, WB Music Corp, Kobalt Music Publishing & BMG Ruby Songs

  1. This is great.
  2. Thx,your aren't either
  3. love megan & dave
  4. Owwwwnnn perfectttt
  5. omf she is so f-ing awesome
  6. My favorit song
  7. She's not pretty 
  8. The videoclip is so cool, the whole story and especially the end are really spectacular and emotional although I think it kind of reminds of What If by Jason Derulo
  9. In this video, Megan looks like this girl I know, her name is Hallie.
  11. (cat) (dog) (Skype) (swear)
  12. ok so she looks like isabel rochev from Arrow. discuss
  13. :-) :-)
  14. Your voice are amazing! wait for me I'll be the next! :)
  15. Nice vidieo
  16. OMG they look so cute together :)
  17. Not bad :p
  18. so cute♥
  19. Cute Couple!!!
  20. Ohhwww it's very good !! This song remember my holiday, so I LOVE this song !! You sing good really *_* I love you <3
  21. jelly :) :(
  22. Va a The !! Voice 
  23. i love this video AAAAAAA!!! love you megan
  24. WOW!!!
  25. 0.13>>> young rowan akinson