Payphone - Maroon 5 (cover) Megan Nicole and Dave Days

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SO stoked to announce my album ESCAPE is out now! Get it on iTunes: or Amazon: Plus, you can stream it on Spotify: Payphone cover: Upcoming shows: Please show your support by downloading my songs on iTunes Let's be friends.... Vine: @megannicole Check out Dave Days channel here: 'Payphone' as originally by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa Written by: Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, Shellback, Dan Omelio, Cameron Thomaz Published by: Universal Music Publishing, WB Music Corp, Kobalt Music Publishing & BMG Ruby Songs

  1. I honestly can't grasp how this girl has 2 million+ subscribers. I can sing exactly like she is singing. Man, I guess if I made cover songs all the time with cute little videos with bad lip synching I would have 2 mill just like her! Smh. There is no distinction or anything unique about her voice. If you wanna hear real covers go to Madilyn Bailey's channel.
  2. OMG he s a pokemon trainer XD 
  3. Better than original
  4. I don't judge a book by its cover, so I don't care how either of them look. They sound amazing. Besides, I think they both look great. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  5. he is ugly haha
  6. he looks CUTE, SHUT UP people use the word UGLY to other 
  7. she kinda looks like krazyrayray
  8. Girl u need to stop picking nerds for boyfriends u are pretty Maybe a popular and cute boy ;) 
  9. Megan Nicole is sooo beatiful I adore her hair I wish I had hair like her she's so pretty and Dave is cute HATERS shut up RUUUUUe. Ilove your covers nice voice u both are good
  10. sad
  11. Who is that boy I like him 
  12. she breathes wrong for singing
  13. whats with his nose?
  14. cette chanson est geniale, j'en ai des frissons...
  15. This song sounds really good sung by you!
  16. What really happened at 02:59 I don't get it
  17. me and her are born on the same day.. to be honest i actually hate her voice no offense. its just so annoying. no hate, guys. i'm just sharing my opinion, okay?
  18. The boy is ugly
  19. awsome this is like my favorite song :)
  20. Could someone explain what happened with the rewinding and the car crash and things?
  21. your pretty as heck!
  22. i dont like his voice..kinda..uncomfortable
  23. is he her real bf? just wondering
  24. Girl you're awesome don't you dare change anything about you
  25. love this song!!!!!!