Payphone - Maroon 5 (cover) Megan Nicole and Dave Days

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Pre-order ESCAPE now: Coming 10.14.14 Payphone cover: Upcoming shows: Please show your support by downloading my songs on iTunes Let's be friends.... Vine: @megannicole Check out Dave Days channel here: 'Payphone' as originally by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa Written by: Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, Shellback, Dan Omelio, Cameron Thomaz Published by: Universal Music Publishing, WB Music Corp, Kobalt Music Publishing & BMG Ruby Songs

  1. he looks CUTE, SHUT UP people use the word UGLY to other 
  2. she kinda looks like krazyrayray
  3. Megan Nicole is sooo beatiful I adore her hair I wish I had hair like her she's so pretty and Dave is cute HATERS shut up RUUUUUe. Ilove your covers nice voice u both are good
  4. I don't judge a book by its cover, so I don't care how either of them look. They sound amazing. Besides, I think they both look great. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  5. whats with his nose?
  6. What really happened at 02:59 I don't get it
  7. The boy is ugly
  8. Could someone explain what happened with the rewinding and the car crash and things?
  9. i dont like his voice..kinda..uncomfortable
  10. is he her real bf? just wondering
  11. Girl you're awesome don't you dare change anything about you
  12. Why are you saying he's ugly? I find him really cute, actually
  13. 2:06 sound like maroon 5
  14. omg I love this song so much u guys are awesome and the video id amazing :D
  15. 2:20 vieron sus ojos son grandesss y muy bonitos
  16. megan is so pretty and talantet , sy but Dave is not a good singer
  17. I love Megan she is my number one fav singer 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧
  18. hi r u marry and i love you
  19. You spelled rude wrong
  20. yayayayaa luvvv uuu...........
  21. The first moment I heard "I'm on a paypho..." I just paused the video, liked it, and resumed it again. YOU ARE AWESOME. :')
  22. This is is shit at singing
  23. I love you Megan 
  24. cantas hermoso saludos desde colombia y felicitaciones :3