PBS Kids Schedule Bumper (2002 WFWA-TV)

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"This is your public television station, WFWA 39 Fort Wayne" PBS Kids Morning Weekday Schedule Bumper - Travel WFWA-TV Fort Wayne, IN --Original view count: 7733-- NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Note: Though the content is not mine, this is my original video. So PLEASE do not copy this vid as your own; be respectful and enjoy :)

  1. I Hate Barney
  2. I masay atansay otherfuckersmay
  3. 0:00 WFWA Schedule Bumper 0:25 Sesame Street
  4. WOW!
  5. A. J. Lloreda likes Dragon Tales, girly girl board games, films, music, video games, going to the beach, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf, bowling, waterparks, SpongeBob SquarePants, Rescue Rangers, going on vacation, visual novels and malls with waterparks.
  6. do they still air dragon tales and teletubbies on this station today
  7. @HuntinTracker87 No. I think both Dragon Tales and Teletubbies stopped airing in 2008 or 2009.
  8. This year WFWA's morning schedule is: Arthur Martha Speaks Curious George Cat in the Hat Super Why! Dinosaur Train Sesame Street Sid the Science Kid Arthur & Sesame Street are still on at the same times :)
  9. is thomas and friends came back to pbs kids back in 2002 or 2004
  10. thanks whats the differnce between dt1 and dt2
  11. do you have staions besides WFWA AND WGBU
  13. @HuntinTracker87 Currently my TV can only pick up on the signal from WFWA. But I do I have a few older vids from: WIPB Muncie, IN; WVIZ Cleveland, OH; WGTE Toledo, OH; WCET Cincinnati, OH; and WFYI Indianapolis, IN. Search on my channel page for those stations. :)
  14. @PBSfanatic i lve in a different area with a different station its KAID-TV CHANNEL 4 IN BOISE,IDAHO COULD YOU UPLOAD SOME PBS KIDS STUFF FROM THIS STATION PLEASE
  15. @HuntinTracker87 WFWA-DT1 is the main PBS channel. WFWA-DT2 is the local 24-hr kids channel.
  16. thanks whats the differnce between dt1 and dt2 please reply
  17. i wonder why i couldnt find this for a month or so please reply
  18. very rare
  19. @HuntinTracker87 sorry, I only have videos for PBS stations in Ohio and Indiana.
  20. @HuntinTracker87 I took down some vids for a while. Don't worry- I'm not deleting any. :)
  21. He Does Have Other Stations WBIP and WFYI, Because He Lives in Ohio.
  22. You Live in Ohio?
  23. I ment wviz
  24. @jworthington10 It took me awhile to get the long versions of all these schedule promos! They're usually much shorter than this! Thanks for watching.
  25. Just Like GPB It Has DT1 and DT2, I Watch DT2, Before the Show there are some old Bumpers From 2000-2005 But at the Ending They Have Swirly Backround just the Sesame Street Bumper, But It's Green not Purple and Says PBS GPB the old Kind not the one from Today, the one that has the the Black Letters G,B,and P and a Yellow Oval with White inside and the PBS Kids Logo with Dash inside.