PBS Kids Next: Zoom (2002)

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"The fubunnubest shubow in the wuborld. Or should I say the funnest show in the world, written by kids. Zoom, up next." PBS Kids Next-On Bumper NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Note: Though the content is not mine, this is my original video. So PLEASE do not copy this vid as your own; be respectful and enjoy :)

  1. Was This Taken From WFWA?
  2. This was before PBSKids changed to stupid Sprout TV! I miss that station!
  3. what is dash saying! i hope it not " DOINK"
  4. Holy crud,this brings back awesome memories of bein 4 yrs old!
  5. @alliefraggle In the video, Is that a channel version of PBS Kids?
  6. @MrBobTomato I actually recorded this when my local station (WFWA) was moving transmitter locations. So, for a brief period of time, they showed a national feed directly from PBS. But, no, this is not the old PBS kids channel you referred to.
  7. I love this show, I also liked all the zoomers throughout the entire season! I would always watch Zoom everyday like around 3:30 on channel 13, I also remember seeing it on NJN at 5:30pm in 2005. That show came out like in 2000!!!
  8. @alliefraggle yea I know I hate the new pbs kids I only watch it sometimes for some shows only now & onely the ones I liked has a kid that are still on pbs kids