Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Video)

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  1. My professor looks like Phil Collins
  2. Every word apply's to me & the way I feel toward's everybody from my past, that's every body, No sugar coating here !!! 
  3. I like this song, but the music video is creepy as hell.
  4. Where was the drum explosion? I can't find it..
  5. anyone else here just because this song was mentioned in Stan?
  6. ever
  7. Eminem 
  8. I am one of the rising generation of youth, and I think songs like this surpass music today by light years.
  9. Reminds me of the GSP vs Johnny Hendricks road to the octagon episodes .....
  10. is it just me who really misses this guy? please start making music again, it's not been the same without your songs on the radio. You'd knock all these poseurs off the charts. i hope he gets this telepathically lol
  11. the drum explosion is the best thing i heard in my lifetime
  12. Souvenir! J'adore!
  13. Give this comment a like if you remember this in Miami Vice
  14. will always be my favorite song <3
  15. Creepy but cool as hell.
  16. Drum part at 3:15
  17. im phil in that thank you i coin that bless you if you sneezed thank you for the love ! 
  18. You can't make a mistake if you follow your heart. Not if you "have the courage to go where it leads you. There are no wrong decisions, only the consequence of not making any decision at by running away from life instead of toward it.
  19. hangover brought me here
  20. you can put one on mozilla with addon.workds perfectly
  21. Mr Collins please do a favour for the generation who lived through the 80's and do one more world tour before we all die
  22. They played this at Sanford Stadium.. (Georgia).. And almost lost my mind. Felt like Vice City.
  23. If you don't drum along with it, you're doing it wrong.
  24. genio por siempre