Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Video)

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  1. I just drift away listening to this song.....
  2. Something in the air tonight .
  3. Great tune and video from Phil Collins. Let me know if you like it.
  4. Fà caldooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:-)
  5. 2. In The Air Tonight Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Video)
  6. The Man Of The #80's His Body Of Work Is That Werk.......
  8. 3:15 drum solo
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+++++++++
  10. On the 80s tip tonight...
  11. Adoro ele, canta muito!!
  12. ¿Habéis escuchado esto alguna vez?...guapo....
  13. I'm only 18 years old and yet I feel such a connection to 80's music and that is mostly due to this man - his music is incredible, his talent - undeniable. He's my favourite artist of the 80's and possibly even my favourite artist of all time. If I'm ever feeling down, I just listen to his music and that's all it takes for me to feel alive and inspired again. Thank you Phil ♥.
  14. Oh this song is a tune love it classic 
  15. What is song really about? Drug deal gone bad or child sexual abuse or what?
  16. Dans l'air de la nuit
  17. I never get tired of Phil 
  18. All you fucking idiots shut the fuck up and open your damn ears. I wrote this here song, and I can tell you it's not about drowning or a breakup or any of that other bullshit. The truth behind it is actually much more sad. Back during the long hot summer of 96, I accidentally released the T-Virus into the atmosphere over Raccoon City and the population.. well.. lets just say it didn't end too well. True Story.
  19. Best song on Nba 2k14 :)
  20. It's great, you come on these videos that are of older songs and everyone is really nice in the comments. When you go onto a new music video you just get insulted by endless trolls. Hello fellow Collins ;)
  21. Wish the 80s were still here that was true music