Pitbull - Hotel Room Service

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Music video by Pitbull performing Hotel Room Service. (C) 2009 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

  1. Room Service
  2. Thumbs up if you listen in 2014 !
  3. This is another, pitbull's authentic; 10% music 90% porn and of course 0% hair 
  5. oraioooooooooo
  6. So..... **takes out wallet** ...What's the name of the hotel again?
  7. The Sugarhill Gang
  8. Why all the girls want to fucked by Pitbull?
  9. Now!!!! This is what I say real fun...... 2+2 I'm gonna undress you....... Ha ha ha,..... Meet me at the hotel room.......
  10. Yeah
  11. To much girls not enough pitbull
  12. Wow this song is fuckin great
  13. still listening to this song and it's 2014. 
  14. Lol
  15. At 0:23 he sampled that tune from someone else's song I heard the original today on the radio some oldskool dance track I hate when people use other peoples tunes with a passion especially when it's worse then the original!
  16. I like to Go Hotel Room with my girlfriend..Some1 like
  17. %98 porn %1 music %1 sunglasses % 0 hair :)
  18. Why is this man a big cheater.
  19. He's a cheating bitch
  20. 3.03 there's someone in the shower
  21. Dale Pitbull
  22. no one like him ............he is awesome 
  23. i hate this videclip but song is good
  24. BOOBS!!!
  25. this song is so amazing i love love love it this song is so sick