Pixie Lott - What Do You Take Me For? ft. Pusha T

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'What Do You Take Me For' is the follow up single to Pixie Lott's number 1 hit 'All About Tonight'. New album 'Young Foolish Happy' comes out on 7th November and is available to pre-order now. http://zaphod.uk.vvhp.net/v-v/110916160707 'What Do You Take Me For' is available to download on 6th November. Music video by Pixie Lott performing What Do You Take Me For?. (C) 2011 Mercury Records Limited

  1. That leather outfit. I just want to take it off with my teeth.
  2. 1:51 who's the dancer on the right? what's her name? the one with long brown hair. I wanna know who she is because i've wanting to know for years and well... she's hot! she's beautiful. 
  3. I will be honest I love her short hair she rocks it and I think it looks better on her then long hair
  4. Lol all the comments are about how hot she is and not about the music xD
  5. her legs <33333
  6. SEXY
  8. This is SO hot!
  9. Pixie give me back my legs...;)
  10. keep pressing 8
  11. Dayum...
  12. One of those all in one women.
  13. A stupidly good looking lassie 
  14. Dayum, Those hot girls though!
  15. dunno what it is but short haired girls definitely do it for me so sexy !
  16. British sensation Pixie Lott's catchy dance tune
  17. Oh god... I need a cold shower. This video should really come with a warning for people with a leg fetish!
  18. She looks like hayley williams..
  19. surely this is just *begging* for an unplugged cover version...?
  20. Great commercial for the Citrorn DS3 Racing. Oh and Pixie is looking good too.
  21. And people critisize miley cyrus....
  22. bellissimo
  23. girl crush