Pixie Lott - What Do You Take Me For? ft. Pusha T

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'What Do You Take Me For' is the follow up single to Pixie Lott's number 1 hit 'All About Tonight'. New album 'Young Foolish Happy' comes out on 7th November and is available to pre-order now. http://zaphod.uk.vvhp.net/v-v/110916160707 'What Do You Take Me For' is available to download on 6th November. Music video by Pixie Lott performing What Do You Take Me For?. (C) 2011 Mercury Records Limited

  1. She is such a babe. 
  2. Lol all the comments are about how hot she is and not about the music xD
  3. i loooooove exploring youtube....you never knwo what u gonna find!
  5. 1:51 who's the dancer on the right? what's her name? the one with long brown hair. I wanna know who she is because i've wanting to know for years and well... she's hot! she's beautiful. 
  6. That leather outfit. I just want to take it off with my teeth.
  7. This is what Britney Spears suppose to be 
  8. ..il mio membro cosmico in-mezzo a tutte quelle gambe terrestri potrebbe risultare un volgare innaffiatoio..
  9. Watching it stoned. F*cking nice!
  10. Beautiful..
  11. I only watch/listen this while im working out, testesterone levels over 9000 !! lol
  12. I'd give her the most underwhelming 30 seconds, if that, of he life. 
  13. u are my favourite singer pixie lott luv u xx 😊
  14. She looks a bit like Chris Crocker
  15. Probably one of the sexiest music videos in the world
  16. Uh yep I'm definitely Into ladies also. 
  17. The outfits are so sexy! Pixie's voice and the music are sexy. Everything is so sexy. Help me!! (Only if you're sexy) 
  18. Oh dear, Pixie Spares, lol. Damn don't fall into that trap, you'll have your tits out for the lads next... You're better than that Pixie, we already know your HOT ;)
  19. When this came out there where like one third of dislikes….. Then it grew on everybody
  20. Damnn she rocks that hair
  21. i would kill her with my dick no lie
  22. her legs <33333
  23. If your reading this your parents will die in 5 years sorry can't take the risk (not)
  24. Deserves way more than 11m views!