Proclaimers : Live on Letterman 1989 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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A live performance of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) on David Letterman, complete wit an entertaining interview. This is before I'm Gonna Be was a hit in the US.

  1. Thumbs up if you're here because of the 2015 Budweiser "lost dog" Super Bowl commercial. Distinctive writers and performers indeed.
  2. How I Met this song! Thank you Marshall!!!!
  3. i love the way the house band guitarist is really getting into it, like he;s really enjoying playing the song
  4. I love dave, but he was rude there to those guys.
  5. every time i hear this song, i imagine the family guy episode where peter sings with them
  6. You gotta' love these guys! I mean in spite of Letterman's dickness! There is nothing that Letterman can say that can detract from these guys!
  7. > cool geeks with great physiques! (hey, it rhymes!)
  8. Anyone else noticed that they rocked skinny jeans waaay before it was considered "cool"?
  9. I loved seeing this video. I can still remember falling asleep on the couch in 1989 and waking up in the middle of the night and hearing this song for the first time from this appearance on Letterman. I bought the album the next day. I also recommended to a college friend of mine with the comment "Don't play the song 'I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)' until you're in your car and cruising down the highway". I'm so happy that a few years later the song became a hit from being featured in "Benny and June"
  10. 82 people can't even walk 5 miles ! ! !
  11. I have been to Auchtermuchty before. I spent 5 days renting a tourist home on Upper Greens road. It is a beautiful village with beautiful and warm people. Me and my children went to an event at the community center. The DJ announced us as a family visiting from Portland Oregon. It was fun to be the talk of the event and the warmth of the people and their friendliness makes want to live there when I retire. The good news is that the closest McDonald's is in Glenrothes so I will be OK. 
  12. I've loved this song since I was a kid. Who knew that 2 nerds could be good rock stars? Lol.
  13. John Carmack cloned himself and subsequently made one of my favorite songs.
  14. I have always loved this song.
  15. I have loved this song since the first time I heard it, which was this night a quarter century ago. I am so glad to see them get some recognition for this fantastically rhythmic and melodic number which gets in to my "Ear Bug", stays for days and has for decades. "Go Proclaimers, we loved ya, a'fore anyone else knew ya !~!"
  16. Great stuff. The band look like they're having a great time playing along, too!! :)
  17. I just love accents! I don't care where they're from. Being a "Colleen," Irish ones are one of, but not my absolute, favorite! I also happen to love twin brothers. I was married to both brothers in a set of twins, Larry and Gary. (Boy I'll bet there are going to be some shocked people who read this! Lol!)
  18. Like if your watching in 2015
  19. Gotta LUV a Scot! ( preferably in kilt ! )
  20. Does anyone know who the bassist is for this performance? 
  21. When he was young
  22. Who recalls watching this in 1989 I do My son knew who these guys were since birth yes born 1989 duh people......Love these guys 
  23. They killed it!
  24. Alba gu brath. Being identical twins helps with harmony, a lot. Great band.
  25. Such sexy accents. :)
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