Proclaimers : Live on Letterman 1989 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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A live performance of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) on David Letterman, complete wit an entertaining interview. This is before I'm Gonna Be was a hit in the US.

  1. His crouch... Yeah Very good
  2. Where is Peter Griffin?
  3. 2:04-2:13 that Letterman/Proclaimers colaberation right there
  4. scotland's independent national anthem. DADADEDE DADADEDE
  5. I've loved this song since I was a kid. Who knew that 2 nerds could be good rock stars? Lol.
  6. Ah, back with the Proclaimers were new. And I was 5 years old. lol
  7. they're strange looking guys, but they still kicks ass...
  8. i luv this shit!
  9. awesome preformance
  10. Benny and Joon! Still one of the greatest tunes ever recorded.
  11. fantastic.
  12. lol at the dude on the keyboard
  13. Late night flashback with +Julie Machado 
  14. Love this song! Amazing bass line!
  15. Well done, boys.
  16. Gaunyersel! 
  17. all of the 43 people who hates this, you shouldent
  18. Now. i'm going to put this everywhere.....500 miles for an Independent Scotland's national anthem??
  19. back when bands played live it sounded just like the album
  20. David Letterman : Arrogant prick!
  21. All Americans, bless 'em, are born to mispronounce the shit out of everything.
  22. what is "haver" or "haever".
  23. How are "walk 500 miles ... and walk 500 more" equals "walked 5000 miles"? Something's not right here...
  24. Are they alive?
  25. are they still alive?
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