Proclaimers : Live on Letterman 1989 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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A live performance of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) on David Letterman, complete wit an entertaining interview. This is before I'm Gonna Be was a hit in the US.

  1. I just love accents! I don't care where they're from. Being a "Colleen," Irish ones are one of, but not my absolute, favorite! I also happen to love twin brothers. I was married to both brothers in a set of twins, Larry and Gary. (Boy I'll bet there are going to be some shocked people who read this! Lol!)
  2. They stand up well live.
  3. Ah, back with the Proclaimers were new. And I was 5 years old. lol
  4. I love dave, but he was rude there to those guys.
  5. I've loved this song since I was a kid. Who knew that 2 nerds could be good rock stars? Lol.
  6. i love the way the house band guitarist is really getting into it, like he;s really enjoying playing the song
  7. Lol I can't listen to this song without giggling the accent makes me laugh my ass off
  8. wow. Letterman has been around for some time now
  9. 2:04-2:13 that Letterman/Proclaimers colaberation right there
  10. You have a burr? No you idiotic Yank, it's how they speak in Scotland..
  11. first time you hear this... OMG THIS IS SO BAD everyothertime... MAN THIS IS THE BEST EVER SONG
  12. people make fun of them but these strange scottish twins staked their claim to 90s immortality with this bizarre song 
  13. It sounds the exact same, awesome.
  14. Alba gu brath. Being identical twins helps with harmony, a lot. Great band.
  15. awesome preformance
  16. Benny and Joon! Still one of the greatest tunes ever recorded.
  17. when this plays in a pub in scotland every cunt goes nuts. it's a bit of a dangerous song to play for the bar staff.
  18. No autotune needed.
  19. i luv this shit!
  20. a great performance but seeing that god awful paul what his name on the keyboards always makes me want to puke. he is the dweebiest piece of crap...but he makes sure his ugly mug is featured in every performance.
  21. Benny and Joon :) :) :)
  22. Proclaimers : Live on Letterman 1989 - I'm Gonna …:
  23. Shame Letterman didn't do his homework !!
  24. Love this song! Amazing bass line!
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