Prof. Lawrence Lessig Explains Creative Commons Licensing

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J.D. Lasica interviews Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig for an 8-minute video in regards to the future of copyright. Lessig, of course, is the leading light of the participatory culture movement, chairman and co-founder of Creative Commons, and a member of the Ourmedia Advisory Board. His books are "Code," "The Future of Ideas" and "Free Culture." Lessig is a Law Professor at Stanford Law School, he's also the Chairman of Creative Commons.

  1. Can you license this video under Creative Commons? It would, I guess, be in the spirit of the person and topic of this video. 
  2. this is the guy that dressed up as jesus christ and stripped to gloria gaynors song "I will survive" see m1media for the video.
  3. The best idea yet for content creators. copyright that meets each creators need. This would lessen tension between the sharing culture and the pay for performance culture. Of course if this doesn't work one of the two cultures could easily restrict the other completely. It doesn't seem likely that the sharing culture would garner the interest of politicians with campaigns to finance.
  4. Mr.artist: free culture is all about to enpower creativities. Thus artists' rights to make money should never be taken away, it's just that the current system is somewhat flawed. I hope you are aware that many things, including you-tube, that we regularly use to distribute copy-righted contents, are in fact illegal under the C system. I think someone pissed you off with some slogans(probably by ppl also ignorant on the subject), but you are letting it out on the wrong guy here.
  5. "Idiots" giving their work away for free? Wow, you are very ignorant on this subject. Nothing wrong with making money on your art, also nothing wrong with giving it away - it's a choice. I make a good living as an artist. quit whining.
  6. OK - I Updated it. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. I'm not as against the compensation of its authors for their works, however, do not think cool perpetuate this right to the his authors, forbidding others to have access to and can develop new things starting this creation.
  8. I realize that Larry is a professor at Stanford, do you think the title of this video should be changed? If so what do you suggest changing it to?
  9. Um, he's a professor at Stanford, as he says in the first twenty seconds of the video.
  10. Yeah, I think it'd be a good idea to change the title. You could make it "Interview with Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig." Or "Stanford Law Professor Explains Creative Commons." Prof. Lessig is very well known to those involved in copyright law, so it's good idea to have his name somewhere, I think. Just my two pennies. Thanks for posting this.
  11. The fade-out at the end made it seem like he passed away or something! Thanks for the interesting video
  12. Always happy to see academic support behind CC! Would love to see the typography video that I created get some exposure like this :)
  13. I'm glad you took the time to watch it. Lessig is an inspiration for the movement. Someday more lawyers will be as awake as he is. Thanks for commenting.
  14. It's ironic that this video has a standard youtube license instead of a CC license....
  15. and now there are millions and millions of idiots out there giving their work away for free. I'd like to see a record label approach an artist with a CC licence. Good luck... and what's wrong with wanting to make a dollar from your art? How's the artist supposed to make a living? Free culture at the expense of the artist. How typical. Created by a lawyer... Again, how typical.
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