PROTOTYPE - Official Ten Reasons Trailer [HD]

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  1. Prototype was the shit. Prototype 2 was (the) shit.
  2. I wait for new prototype on PS4 with awesome graphic is prototype 2 good ? i dont play it .
  3. Alex Mercer best man
  4. Alex Mercer best man
  5. Is it for wii too 
  6. i agree mercer is awsome but i think prototype 2 is better. i dont care who i play as
  7. @Eli412496 My fave part of the whole video haha
  8. i just bought prototype on da psn and know it saying i need 2 buy it again thats 30$ into notting someone help
  9. or are you just mad that not only did you not get to play as mercer but you had to kill him
  11. 1:52 GET TO DA CHOPPPAAA!!!!
  12. and also how do i get it????
  13. @xFLYBATx no. Just Cause 2, or Serious Sam.
  14. the religion was in the game to hit the player emotionally and spiritually showing that religion wasn't even safe from the virus or blackwatch
  15. how did that guy see muscle mass transformation and the shield transormation
  16. I completed the game but I don't see the little running chubby zombies that you spot @ 0:11 Saw them in the beginning of the game, but after that no more :|
  17. the thing with prototype 2 WAY way over board with religion, i mean a priest? the damn priest was almost all over the place may as will be the MAIN char himself..i can see it now *FATHER,thy name is blood*!...thats one of the reasons prototype 2 fails badly..than they have this heller dude whos a boy scout...i mean a *Soldier* a goodie two shoes.
  18. Best action ever.
  19. my fav. is Armour and Blade
  20. 0:44 What I feel like doing to my enemies....
  21. awesum man
  22. 0:50 what skills is that??pls reply plspls
  23. @WojtaStudios Powerbomb