Psyko Punkz - Psyko Foundation - Official Videoclip

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The Official Videoclip of Psyko Punkz - Psyko Foundation Video by Epic Cinema ( )

  1. PLS Psyko Punkz kidnapping me!! 
  2. So, they fucked him in the van?
  3. 3 million views on this fucking shit, you woman hating jerk fuckers, hope someone blows one of your fucking brains out
  4. ElRubius xD
  5. Holy molly! Im in heaven! 1:28 ->
  6. hey you. yes you. i just made my first HARDSTYLE tutorial. please check it out and maybe subscribe. k. luv you.
  7. Toulouse!@!
  8. A nice song, but SICK video!!
  9. los que vengan por el rubius esta bien que hayan conocido la canción gracias a el, el problema es sus malditos comentarios
  10. Hahahaha they even have to take their fans hostage to become fan xD
  11. Butt rape lol
  12. Awesome *-*
  13. Psyko Punkz - Psyko Foundation - Official Videocl…:
  15. Nn ,blog
  16. Can't wait to see them in DC tomorrow!!
  17. I still don't understand why they kidnapped that poor guy.
  18. Есть Русские кто с клипа Dope DOD Drunken Msater перешёл?) There are Russians who from the clip Dope DOD Drunken Msater passed?)
  19. mooie hardstyle en clip man
  20. I like how they used those syringe pens for a prop haha
  21. Ca déboite bande de putes
  22. @Banza Nobody knows. Or maybe they took him as sex slave for Headhunterz.
  24. How is called the mask used?
  25. If you think about it, getting hijacked like that at first would be scary as fuck...but if this were the outcome, I wouldn't mind that on Thursdays
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