Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (HQ) (Live At Wembley 86)

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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever.

  1. I read through a lot of comments. Most people dare to bring God into the mix. I honestly don't give a flying fuck if you pray to a teapot flying around Saturn's ring's. Drop religion right now, because your love for a so called savior hurts us listeners. 
  2. this song gives me feels
  3. Borat?
  4. When that drum kicks in and he goes "TOUCH MY TEEEARS WITH YOUR LIIIIPS, TOUCH MY WOOOOOORLLLD WITH YOUR FINGERTIPS!!!" Aaaah the feels
  5. #music #video 
  6. You could feel the power in this man's voice, I can't think of anyone that does it better..
  7. i swear to god 2:12-2:20 is the most angelic thing i have ever heard!
  8. I always have thought that he knew he was dying when he wrote this. And, really, who does - I mean live forever, unless we can be strong and healthy? What's the point in living forever, blind, or deaf, or crippled, or demented? Just to say we're alive, like a plant or a toad. Eternal life without fun in it is pointless. It could be more a curse than a blessing.
  9. Freddie, the consummate showman. Rest in peace. Queen. One of the best Rock Bands ever. One poignant song.
  10. Great song ! Saw Queen with Adam Lambert this week in Montreal, this song was a very emotional moment, also Days of our lives and The show must go on, oh and Love of my life ! Great setlist
  11. For what it is worth. I have always loved music and there are many, many tunes I really love that are classics, will be around a long time. There are many fantastic performers of all genres that I admire, though not in Rap, HipHop, Club, etc. Anyway it could be that this song is my most favorite for so many reasons. It is really just very well done and alludes to some of the most important aspects of life. I love listening to it. Thank you Queen for this song.
  12. why wasn't I born in this generation of music :( I love this song so much, it means so much to me, and im 16 :( he died before I was born
  13. Freddie's voice is the most beautiful and inspiring sound to ever grace this earth.
  14. A great soul. One of the few artists who can bring me to tears simply through the power of his voice. 
  15. And even healthy, why would anyone want to live FOREVER? Imagine still being here 25,000 years from now, especially if you were the only one who could. How much loss and loneliness would you know? We are here to live for a time. It is up to each of us to make a mark here while we can, and to pass it on to those who follow us, no matter how long we have, or how many continue on after our influence.
  16. This is music. These guys rocked the world once..
  17. 2nd to last vid from an insoniac
  18. I have seen this video and listened to this song so many damn times and it never gets old. I love it because it's my favorite song. My favorite band and my favorite performer. Freddie was so good. What is amazing is back in those days being in a rock band and being gay did not mix very well. But with Freddie . who cares.everyone knew he was and it didn't matter. That's the power of music and the power of a wonderful performer. 
  19. RIP #FreddyMercury #Queen always in our hearts never to be forgotten We still love you!
  20. I think there is a special place in heaven for Freddie!! He was so talented, had such a unique voice, could bring so many different people together & he wrote an OPERA!! My goodness what person! I wish he had more time on earth! His music will "Live Forever"!
  21. I keep...I must tell you...I keep wanting to leave but they won't let me...spine chilling when you know what happened...
  22. Freddie OWNS this performance. Even though Brian May wrote the song it is so prophetic....this performance is legendary 
  23. Hello! This was written by Brian may for highlander, the movie, and is the theme song. While Freddie may have known he was dying of aids(evidence is that he did at this time), nobody deserves to die from such a horrible disease. It does not just affect one group of people. Think of all the children with hemophilia who die.d. They did not deserve I anymore than the thousands dying in Africa and Haiti and the Romanian babies! Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.
  24. Wow, nothing like Queen! Awesome. I think I was at this show. Did INXS open?
  25. Astronomical voice-forever will Freddie be remembered. Voices today don't even come close!
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