Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (HQ) (Live At Wembley 86)

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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever.

  1. Time Bell my friends. Until tomorrow. I wish you all the best 
  2. I always have thought that he knew he was dying when he wrote this. And, really, who does - I mean live forever, unless we can be strong and healthy? What's the point in living forever, blind, or deaf, or crippled, or demented? Just to say we're alive, like a plant or a toad. Eternal life without fun in it is pointless. It could be more a curse than a blessing.
  3. John 10:28 refers to repentant sinners which are preserved for eternity by God's grace. There is zero evidence for Freddie repenting and embracing Christ prior to death. And I highly doubt that those closest to him would be trying to omit a deathbed conversion. Face it. Death for unrepentant sinners is gruesomely and nightmarishly tragic! One second of sin is repulsive before a Holy God and garners an eternity of punishment in the afterlife. Freddie rightfully earned eternity in abandon, separation and torment for eternity for despising God all his life 
  4. He deserved to LIVE FOREVER!
  5. I want to share this song with a truly amazing person. +Trish Taylor 
  6. Great song ! Saw Queen with Adam Lambert this week in Montreal, this song was a very emotional moment, also Days of our lives and The show must go on, oh and Love of my life ! Great setlist
  7. "We're gonna stay together until we @#%@! Will die!" He sings one of the most terrifying songs about destiny and eternity and 5 years later dies of AIDS After amassing a great fortune and conquering the world with millions of adoring fans and many gay lovers he is now living forever in agony, torment, torture, utter darkness, nightmarish hopelessness, unrest, loneliness, and constant reminders of his sins while on earth Revelation 21:8 8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the SEXUALLY IMMORAL, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
  8. happy halloween. gonna dress up a freddy from this live performance and go to school in it. wish me luck
  9. A great soul. One of the few artists who can bring me to tears simply through the power of his voice. 
  10. Living forever would be so boring darlings..... : (
  11. yep !
  12. i always get misty-eyed listening to this concert. freddie was one of the all time best. 
  13. Wow! Incredible! My hands are sweating! I am new knowing who queen was, and quit frankly the best band ever!WOW!
  14. Greatest voice of all time!
  15. David Franklin You started out strong and ended up weak. We can know. We do know. Freddie Mercury is in eternal damnation. He lived religiously while doing his decadent will. He died in the same state of spiritual death in which he lived. Zoroastrianism, unnatural lust and deep seated rebellion towards the creator right to the end. No born again prayer. No witnesses as to a death bed repentance and conversion. He is in eternal torment paying for his sins. Start accepting and believing the entire word of God. It has a terrifying message for unrepentant sinners
  16. 2nd to last vid from an insoniac
  17. Who waits for ever anyway? OMG. I love this guy.
  18. Hello! This was written by Brian may for highlander, the movie, and is the theme song. While Freddie may have known he was dying of aids(evidence is that he did at this time), nobody deserves to die from such a horrible disease. It does not just affect one group of people. Think of all the children with hemophilia who die.d. They did not deserve I anymore than the thousands dying in Africa and Haiti and the Romanian babies! Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.
  19. Long 23 years since the best frontman and vocalist in rock music history passed away- Freddie Mercury, you will live for ever in our hearts..
  20. I pity the fool who wishes for immortality but doesn't know the curse of eternity 
  21. there was only ONE FREDDIE
  22. Listen to the words-Freddie meant it! Lambert can never do this justice. You have to know the details as to why Freddie sang this to the highest note. Think people-it is not jeopardy question. Ask yourselves why he sang it in the first place?
  23. As someone in their mid 40's...has their ever been a better front man? Every word out of his mouth never felt like it was to the crowd but to you personally. He was your friend, your lover, your brother. He meant something to everyone. So sad.
  24. this song gives me feels
  25. Freddie had something....so many other artists wish they genuinely possessed......He truly had it all.
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