Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (HQ) (Live At Wembley 86)

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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever.

  1. why wasn't I born in this generation of music :( I love this song so much, it means so much to me, and im 16 :( he died before I was born
  2. Just saw the concert last night at MSG with Lambert. Adam was fantastic and his vocals are amazing. After listening to Freddie doing the same songs, there is a certain magic in Freddie's interpretation that is unmatched. This is very likely because he wrote these lyrics and they have a more deeply personal meaning. They both have great voices- with different strengths, but Freddy is more moving in these songs.
  3. *It is this kind of day:* Queen's, "Who Wants to Live Forever." *--------------------------------------------------------* *" Who dares to love forever?"* #ThursdayThrowbacks , #Music , #Queen 
  4. Great song ! Saw Queen with Adam Lambert this week in Montreal, this song was a very emotional moment, also Days of our lives and The show must go on, oh and Love of my life ! Great setlist
  5. WOW! What an awesome talent......................R.I.P. Freddie...................
  6. Greatest vocalist hands down. They don't make em like this no more.
  7. 246 People don't know a legend when they see one and can kiss it! Queen 4ever! 
  8. We love you Freddy!
  9. Powerful... amazing performance.
  10. ^
  11. great song. i love it.
  12. As someone in their mid 40's...has their ever been a better front man? Every word out of his mouth never felt like it was to the crowd but to you personally. He was your friend, your lover, your brother. He meant something to everyone. So sad.
  13. Scientists are making a pill called TRUVADA that can stop HIV or Aids and prevent HIV infection by blocking the virus`s ability to replicate according to the September 2014 issue of popular science magazine. Too bad for Freddie mercury this technology wasn`t around in 1986 to save his life.
  14. HOLY SHIT! NO ONE makes Music like this now!
  15. I pity the fool who wishes for immortality but doesn't know the curse of eternity 
  16. Freddie had something....so many other artists wish they genuinely possessed......He truly had it all.
  17. We miss your light Freddie!!!
  18. "We'll be together until we die, I'm sure of it" Wow...just wow
  19. This was in Highlander! 
  20. Still miss you Freddie 
  21. Hell no...not forever unless you could still have a strong and youthful body and a brain that wouldn't peter out on you and have you pissing yourself and not knowing who the fuck your friends and family are. I worked and still some do with elderly guys in last stages of Alzheimer's.....NEVER would I want to live like those poor guys do. Love Queen and still miss the hell out of Freddy...he was the best to me, ever. 
  22. I love this song..
  23. Its sad watching this and then watching the side video on his last moments. What a dramatic change.
  24. Living forever would be so boring darlings..... : (
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