Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (HQ) (Live At Wembley 86)

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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever.

  1. July 16th, 2014, in Philadelphia, PA, Adam Lambert sang with Queen. It was good but NO ONE can sing this like Freddy! Songs live Forever! 
  2. why wasn't I born in this generation of music :( I love this song so much, it means so much to me, and im 16 :( he died before I was born
  3. Great song ! Saw Queen with Adam Lambert this week in Montreal, this song was a very emotional moment, also Days of our lives and The show must go on, oh and Love of my life ! Great setlist
  4. 2nd to last vid from an insoniac
  5. And you were damn right, Freddy. 0:38.
  6. Emily West does it better!!!! on AGT.
  7. Great song from a great band.
  8. Freddie's voice is the most beautiful and inspiring sound to ever grace this earth.
  9. Just saw the concert last night at MSG with Lambert. Adam was fantastic and his vocals are amazing. After listening to Freddie doing the same songs, there is a certain magic in Freddie's interpretation that is unmatched. This is very likely because he wrote these lyrics and they have a more deeply personal meaning. They both have great voices- with different strengths, but Freddy is more moving in these songs.
  10. I pity the fool who wishes for immortality but doesn't know the curse of eternity 
  11. Living forever would be so boring darlings..... : (
  12. He must have been a Mormon.
  13. He deserved to LIVE FOREVER!
  14. Stay together until they die..how prophetic
  15. and they did stay togethor till he died
  16. he did what he loved 
  17. Simply magnificent!!!!
  18. This song makes me sad Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (HQ) (Live At Wembley 86)
  19. Freddie is amazing !! He was one of the best ever.
  20. I saw Queen perform 2xs in Boston every I mean every song was sung with passion I've been to a lot of concerts Queen was second to none. Gone way to soon :(
  21. if you wanna hear a better version, you should hear me in the shower. it would bring you to tears.
  22. I've never heard greater timbre in a rock voice. What a legend! 
  23. 4:10 dat harmonizing though 
  24. wish you were still here making music Freddie, Happy Birthday.Luv forever.
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