Radio Friendly Song

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I hate the radio...

  2. I'd love to go into a radio station that plays the same top 40 chart songs ten times a day, hold the place hostage, and play this on the airwaves.
  3. this also applies to all rap (besides nas)
  4. This is coldplay.
  5. ok guys fuck nickelback , creed and all those soft rock wanna be grunge look like mutherfucking rock destroyers 
  6. Dont read the comment below because the guy is a douchebag.
  7. This song is brilliant on so many levels it makes my brain want to explode.
  8. Why did John Lennon have to be the one to get shot... something's wrong
  9. It's ironic how catchy this is.
  10. #lukebryan
  11. Hip hop and electro music, basicaly.
  12. media is media, media drive music industry, music industry drives media, if people dont have acces to free music at internet and they hear for 20 years commercial bullshit music, they will most likelly stay with it, I did that too, till i was introduced to the internet like 22 years ago and heard for the first time in my life some real rock, and metal. Those pop artists, pretty often dont even know what their about to sing, or what music will be played till they get to recording office, they dont create, they dont do a shit beside of singing, with a voice that will be tuned by a program anyway, they are just a face with makeup, either if its a woman, or a man. My friend... well not a friend but i know her, she's a singer, in a small band, weddings, bars, i once asked her to play one of her songs "oh... but its still not edited..." she said, i say babe, i dont care. 10 seconds later i had regreats i was ever born... her voice was like a dying old goat last breath... OMFG... and shes in a pretty "busy" band.
  13. Sam Smith - Stay with me, exactly what this song is describing.
  14. Its such a sad song snf snf
  15. Awkwardly brings back lots memories
  16. This reminds me of "#1 radio $ingle" by Psychostick
  17. is he canadian ? :D 
  18. This perfectly describes Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I like to imagine dragons eating the band.
  19. Fun one from me, beware language. I was a punk/hard rocker back in the day, and none of my work was radio-friendly a few years ago I discovered a funny comedian who does music. this is for me!!!
  20. I disagree with this because I like putting penis in my butt.
  21. Rude ~ Magic in a nutshell
  22. all u are fucking unoriginal pussies that have nothing to say !!
  23. I like rap but underground rap with real lyrics not this stupid Kanye west bogus
  24. perty