Radio Friendly Song

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I hate the radio...

  2. I cannot stand the radio. I get so pissed when I leave the house and realize that I forgot my ipod. Sometimes I'll turn around if I'm not too far yet, just so that I don't have to listen to the radio. Even the classic rock stations just recycle the same songs all day. Don't the classic rock stations realize that The Doors and Pink Floyd were not the only artists of their era?
  3. Fuck this radio-friendly edit.. the CD version has much more expletives.
  4. radio sucks a lot,this song is so true :D
  5. I never had the words to describe mainstream pop/rock/r&b/hip-hop but this does it for me
  6. I'd love to go into a radio station that plays the same top 40 chart songs ten times a day, hold the place hostage, and play this on the airwaves.
  7. So sick of hearing "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT" everywhere I go. Those are lyrics that don't even make sense. 
  8. ok guys fuck nickelback , creed and all those soft rock wanna be grunge look like mutherfucking rock destroyers 
  9. finally somebody speaks up about the pussified shitty music that plays on the radio. when did bands like metallica and whatnot become uncool?
  10. This perfectly describes Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I like to imagine dragons eating the band.
  11. this also applies to all rap (besides nas)
  12. I disagree with this because I like putting penis in my butt.
  13. This is coldplay.
  14. Oh wow apple should force everyone to have this song on their phones. WHY THE FUCK NOT SOUNDS LIKE U2
  15. You are now officaly one of my favorite artists
  16. This song is brilliant on so many levels it makes my brain want to explode.
  17. Why did John Lennon have to be the one to get shot... something's wrong
  18. My boy Taco!
  19. you are just a fucking awesome 
  20. Wooow! Im number 5000000!!!
  21. Hip hop and electro music, basicaly.
  22. It's ironic how catchy this is.
  23. No, you ARE homophobic.
  24. #lukebryan
  25. montana fits.