RAMBO - It's A Long Road

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One of myf favorite songs from the 80's ''It's A Long Road'' by Dan Hill. From the movie '' First Blood'' or ''Rambo'' 1982 ''Sylvester Stallone''

  1. Story is good and Rambo 4 was best of all of them. Socoety doesnt understand that trauma what war causes and it`s name of the game in Rambo movies... First blood was great movie and still is.
  2. A verry good Soundtrack from Rambo
  3. This song in my head during my high school diploma, result 16/20 in math, "NOT MY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR !!!" BITCHES XD
  4. So sad. so longly...............
  5. I Love This Song.
  6. Stallone has said that part 5 is going to be his last Rambo movie. Very sad indeed.
  7. Whats the song at the beginning, is that it's a long road?
  8. @TheBurgerboyeatsfood yeah i think you're right..i read about it too through wikipedia that Sylvester Stallone decided to end the series in Rambo 4. There would be a possibility of a prequel but the series would likely end in part 4. I found out Stallone would focused more on the making of sequel for expendables.
  10. anybody who talks shit about Rambo wouldn't have the balls to say shit to his face!!!!! my respect to Rambo
  11. YES!!I can't wait already!!I want rambo 5 :((
  12. Perfect song for Rambo
  13. Rambo n rocky both r legends ... thumbs up if u agree
  14. アリゾナの家に帰郷するラストシーン スタローンが描きたかったのは、これだろうと感じました。 第一作から31年経ちますが、色褪せることはありません。 upして頂きありがとうございました。
  15. @cplusmc7377 that's right. " Lost But Never Forgotten" the troops never recieve the respect or the accolades they deserve. When they come home they should be housed,feed, and their medical needs tended for the rest of their days...no excuses. VA care is good but it's just not enough.
  16. God bless the american troops fighting heroicly for their country!
  17. @ThunderHenshin32 Just watched an interview with Stallone and he said he's done with Rambo. He said if Rambo went on another mission he would seem like a mercanary (like the guys in 4) and not a soldier anymore. He thinks the story is good ending with him returning to his family home. I'm a massive fan and after watching that I think it would be good left at 4 (although I'd be in the cinema watching 5 if there was one.
  18. @ThunderHenshin32 But he wen't back home at the end of the 4th one...although I suppose that doesn't mean too much. :)
  19. o yes he IS !!
  20. Gta 4's nikko bellic = Rmbo... the tormented ex soldier..... the man they should've left in peace
  21. they took our books away too
  22. why cant the cunts just make a fucking true rambo computer game!!!!!!!!!! how quality wud that be man
  23. Thanks Sly.......
  24. i think sylvester stallone would extend rambo till part 6 just like rocky.