Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky

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Sixties Nostalgia www.vintagesixtieslive.co.uk Video created by Pukipu Soundtrack: The Ramrods

  1. classic instrumental track. my favourite version of this track. feel like i am a western lol. the hero i ride on my white horse clean up the town and save the day.
  2. Takes me back, Saturday afternoon cinema.. In England.
  3. one of the better videos to go with the song
  4. Wow! Fine animation! Very fine! Marvelous job of telling the story without a single word! And the music is as haunting as ever! Anyone ever notice that the first two lines of the verse melody are almost identical to the first lines of melody from "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"? Spike Jones made a point of that when he did a parody of this song! Thanks for posting this great video!
  5. I think an Australian Prime Minister was the manager of this band
  6. *Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky*
  7. so cool ever
  8. Smell of an extinguished camp fire at dawn after a sacreligious night..
  9. Barack Obama ghostly face at 2:30
  10. best version for me...! Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Frankie Laine after..
  12. Nur Clint Eastwood trozt furchtlos den geisterhaften gestalten!!
  13. Without a doubt the best instrumental version of Ghost Riders in the Sky of all-time.
  14. Incrivel!!! Chorei de emoção. "Vitória sobre a morte é assim que tem que ser!!!"
  15. smells like swaps and bayou, dancin under the moonlight callin forbidden duties..
  16. Played every day on my Tenor Sax!!!
  17. Clint is my man.never afraid of nothing.and always knows what he has to do
  18. Sunset Rider
  19. Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky: http://youtu.be/gWTjjm-Gg3c
  20. Got to love that ol twangin guitar
  21. Clint Eastwood! 00:40
  22. My dad rode draft on trail drives as a young man. I sure wish i could transport back to the days when things were simpler.Always been a country girl at heart. Thank you dad
  23. And remember cowboy,,, You sign on with this brand, There is no exit door.
  24. I will quite honest I like the Johnny Cash version better...