Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky

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Sixties Nostalgia www.vintagesixtieslive.co.uk Video created by Pukipu Soundtrack: The Ramrods

  1. Clint Eastwood! 00:40
  2. This song would've been better with vocals.
  3. My favorite version of ghost riders in the sky
  4. Maybe this will inspire some play
  5. I like the video, is it from from something or made for the song?
  7. muito bom
  8. Very very cool
  9. Oh how loved this song. The 60's produced such good tunes!
  10. this is a pain to learn lol
  11. Very very cool
  12. The Best Of Them All..
  13. ive got this on 45 one of my treasures
  14. me gusta mucho esta video
  15. This is best ever version of this tune....been listening to it for about 60 years
  16. And the Big Boss Man,, well let's just say, he's one tough old boy. 
  17. Hey young cow hand, change your wicked ways, or forever with you'll ride!
  18. Remember no horse was hurt or turned into glue in the making of this video.
  19. Where's the Ghost Rider when we need him...
  20. Beautiful!!!