RAY CHARLES "I Can't Stop Loving You"

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RAY CHARLES Concert In Japan December 1982

  1. mamma mía¡¡
  2. I knew you would love this *!* #OldSchool baby *!*
  3. Dla Margaret Carter wielki Ray Charles!
  4. One of my very favourites from way back when............when we could understand what the performers were singing about, and the musical instruments sounded musical....Enjoy
  5. Good morning my Google+ friends for your listening pleasure (legends) YouTube. :))
  6. Ray Charles. I'can't stop loving you
  7. Ray Charles was one of the most gifted singer/entertainer there has ever been...just watch him sing " I Can't Stop Loving You " live in Japan in 1982 . He has many great songs and he was one awesome live singer/entertainers...I will never get tired of seeing him perform these classic songs we all have heard...I will miss you & will catch up with you Ray when I make it to heaven also . Have them keep me an open seat for me where you now sing , Ray . 
  8. Such talent
  9. Classikal music...Thank you !!!!!!!
  10. I Can't Stop Loving You
  11. mamma mía¡¡
  12. *I Can't Stop Loving You* Ray Charles - They didn't call him a genius without reason. I can't stop loving you
  13. *I Can't Stop Loving You* by *Ray Charles* #MusicBomb #NowPlaying 
  14. <3
  15. Yea~!! Good job^^
  16. ray charels
  18. *I Can't Stop Lovin' You* *by Ray Charles*
  19. Fabulous.
  20. Just gotta love this guy, full of soul...... great song, singer & performer.