Real Alien UFO Caught On Video

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Video shot out on the Atlantic ocean captures an alien UFO racing across the sky and joined minutes later with another UFO. These UFOs flew in formation across the sky. Unmistakable proof aliens do exist.

  1. THIS has 18 million views? What is wrong with me?
  2. it's interesting to us that as someone is saying there's a ufo in the sky and pointing upwards...that the camera person would not look up but keep filming the guy saying 'there it is'. Hmmmmm. If it were me filming, you wouldn't see anything but sky and ufo. None the less, the more footage the better. Thanks for posting.
  3. White quad copters! AMAZING!
  4. I read somewhere (don't remember the site)of a giant huge motherfucking thing that came near our Sun and use it as a fuel station,i mean he deployed out a sort of long arms or something like that and sucked the Sun like us we do when we go to refuel the cars to petrols
  5. all what he have seeing is actors
  6. Its a bird its a plane its a coors light
  7. There is absolutely no possible way that those are airplanes.
  8. I don't see anything
  9. Fake
  10. They are jets :D
  11. guys. jets don't count as ufo's.
  12. That real I saw it last night
  13. ive seen in the newspaper a space drone or something else found 360 or 390 alien potential planets
  14. this not alien LOL
  15. the ufos were the ballast tanks from space shuttle last launch jun 2011 this is just a cut away from the documentary here on youtube
  16. Space shuttle solid fuel boosters just before parachutes open. That´s all. Nice try boys, but no cookie!
  17. Just because videos on youtube about UFO's and Aliens are fake, that doesn't automatically mean Alien life isn't real. I mean use common sense. Out of hundreds of thousands of galaxies, do you honestly believe the government when they say we're the only living life forms? Completely irrational if you believe that shit.
  18. Having ratings disabled is basically saying its fake on its own.
  19. like bar missing...fake
  20. that could be a plane it's just bad graphics on the camera/phone
  21. Broke virgin losers lmfao
  22. I even don't see them, only see birds
  23. fake
  24. i dont see anything
  25. Hmm I guess they haven't ever seen clouds oh well, can't blame them.