Real Alien UFO Caught On Video

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Video shot out on the Atlantic ocean captures an alien UFO racing across the sky and joined minutes later with another UFO. These UFOs flew in formation across the sky. Unmistakable proof aliens do exist.

  1. 19.3 million views and now the number one #UFO video on #YouTube. Does this mean #aliens have visited #Earth? 
  2. Its either a bird or a plane, there is no such thing as a UFO! They are just fake rumors!
  3. Wy is this always happend in the USA and not in Europe ??
  4. So let's critique the title of this video, shall we? UFO, is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. If the flying object is unidentified, then by definition how can it be said to also be a "Real Alien"? The most that can be claimed is that it's unidentified. It's difficult for many people to reason. Many people are just plain stupid.
  5. i think these are birds
  6. not a ufo but ti is 2 army pains
  7. It could have just been a birds
  8. Just another light in the sky...and a couple of over excited fools...YAWN
  9. this is only half of the original video . you see the ufo going into the water then two jets fly by and a black helicopter comes by and tll them to get away 
  10. why in a UFO clip was the guy recording more interested in showing us the guy pointing to where the UFO was meant to be haha give that man an Oscar 
  11. I'm sorry, which pixel was it? Could you use a higher quality potato next time?
  12. they were fighter planes
  13. It's become a love hate relationship with viewers. 2 years after I posted this video, over 17 million views and still going strong. People just love to comment on it speculating planes, seagulls, and the ever popular Goku.
  14. I blame obama
  15. It's is FAKE AND FORGET IT 
  16. Almost nineteen million views on this vid. Why?
  17. I think its funny how ufos are related to aliens when it can be anything we dont know like a plane 
  18. It is just a us army fighter jet
  19. yeah look in at 23 seconds and see the jet trials. I think military jets and the sound is a dead give away. How can the sound change for loud to at sea. Did you turn off the ship? or was it so strong wind>
  20. FAKE ITS AN AIRPLANE You dope's
  21. 19.321.568 views how lol
  22. We all know that no fotage caught will ever be enough. There are so many factors nowadays. Could be so many things. A joke, CGI, weatherballoon.. a seagull caught in 240p... So.. i guess.. Unless theres a craft actually landing somewhere or taking contact in some obvious way, There is no way to be sure. So. You will probably see it on every news channel in the world when it actually happens. :) what a day...
  23. I got one of these in my happy meal last seek. The bloody batteries never last though. Did you put new ones in your one? I can't seem to get the back open! Any tips?
  24. Jet streams? Hmmm
  25. Lemme guess...they were told it was a weather balloon.
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