Real Alien UFO Caught On Video

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Video shot out on the Atlantic ocean captures an alien UFO racing across the sky and joined minutes later with another UFO. These UFOs flew in formation across the sky. Unmistakable proof aliens do exist. Also check out this UFO video... ISS Captures Real Alien UFO On Video

  1. 19.3 million views and now the number one #UFO video on #YouTube. Does this mean #aliens have visited #Earth? 
  2. These are jets. UFO have no loud voice and doesn't make smoke.. :)
  3. I'm sorry, which pixel was it? Could you use a higher quality potato next time?
  4. All identifiable.
  5. Those are shuttle booster rockets falling back after launch.
  6. Hold film what you think is a UFO,post it here Becoz you know its ultra rare and the find of what we call find of the century,AND ALL YOU CAN POST IS 30 SECONDS OF FILM. Hmm really?
  7. Should be labeled Best UFO Hoax on Youube 
  8. Unmistakable proof of what, how is that video unmistakable proof? When an alien ship lands and an alien gets out and vapourises all of the idiots in the world then that is unmistakable proof, but a couple flying dots on a shaky video proves absolutely zilch. 19.3 million hits, that must mean that 19.3 million people are right and it is unmistakable proof!!!!!
  9. Alien don't exixt
  10. Its either a bird or a plane, there is no such thing as a UFO! They are just fake rumors!
  11. i saw these same metallic spheres in PA, they were disappearing and reappearing while in flight, how do round objects fly???
  12. There called UFOs for a reason people just because it sounds like a jet doesn't always mean its a jet
  13. horable
  14. That's what a predator drone looks like at that altitude...Obama almost got your ass!
  15. I don believe this 
  16. So let's critique the title of this video, shall we? UFO, is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. If the flying object is unidentified, then by definition how can it be said to also be a "Real Alien"? The most that can be claimed is that it's unidentified. It's difficult for many people to reason. Many people are just plain stupid.
  17. Well, I do see people looking, but ..............
  18. I know I'm gonna get several hate comments for this but I live in the countryside in Scotland and I've seen MANY things in the sky that I absolutely cannot explain. I'm not a crazy and logic is my prefered approach to these things but I've seen something in the sky during the day that is IDENTICAL to what on this video in the latter stages although there was only one. I've also seen 3, what I can only explain as stars, moving across the night sky in a perfect elongated triangular formation, not ever straying from that formation during the entire time they are up there which was about an hour.... I was not alone when I witnessed this and was not under the influence of any mind altering substances such as drugs or alcohol. The last one I saw (about a month ago) is when me and a friend were sitting in my room and saw something at about head height dart across the open back gate. We went out to investigate and upon approaching the gate it shot back from where it came, again at about head height. I would describe it as about soccer or british football sized and shaped (couldn't make out any details of material etc and the colour was either white...or beige... something like that) but what I do know is that it was travellling at break neck speeds..... Impossible speeds for anything available to the general public in Scotland as if you were struck by whatever it was we saw, you'd surely die or be seriously injured. I want to stress I'm not a hoaxer or making this up for attention. I just want to share my experiences with anyone who may have seen the same, let me know because my spare time is fairly taken up by looking into this now.... It sounds crazy but there IS something else out there or we have access to technology that hasn't been publicised because I KNOW what I saw and I have no idea how to explain it.
  19. check that out!!!!!!!
  20. haw cam never air force or any of the countries in the world never got it or follow it cunt bleve never one person in the word been interested to kill it or catch that if they are interested they will i thing its batter to git that and see what's that then taking us qoz all we see like cartoons movies
  21. Governments around the world know about this but they keep it quiet because of panic, nobody will go to work anymore !!