Ricardo Arjona - El Amor (Video Oficial)

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  1. :(
  2. Aldo Zanoletti: I know you wrote your comments a long time ago, but I would like you to know this: there are all kinds of love. Like the love a mother has for her child. Love between siblings or friends and even the love a couple shares. All of those are beautiful, and they may hurt you sometimes, but you have to move on and forgive.
  3. :)
  4. =(
  5. me facinaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Just a few things to say. Arjona is a fuckin' master with his amazing lyrics!!!!! love his songs especially this one, he says nothing but the truth and the last one is fuck that ungrateful lying piece of shit motherfuckin' feeling named love. just an ungrateful worthless piece of shit who only knows how to break you're heart and it's the fuckin' arrogance of hanging on to the impossible. FUCK LOVE!!!!!!!
  7. O.o
  8. Sera asi
  9. Neon Lights $
  10. Me encanta!!!!
  11. :3
  12. me encanta ♥
  13. no he lived and his Time and when bay but that's mean the the real Love stay for two 
  14. is a good track 
  15. Cn Arjona arriba guate linda.
  16. Arjona<3
  17. <3
  18. :(
  19. me fascina.
  20. =)
  21. Yy
  22. Preciiosa canciiiion.