Rihanna - Disturbia

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Music video by Rihanna performing Disturbia. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 48,070,735. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. lolll
  2. Things I'm sick of... People commenting "illuminati" Christians asking Rihanna to come back to jesus. FFS Illuminati isnt real, jesus isn't real, christianity isn't real religion isn't real!! Illuminati has nothing to do with satan or the devil. Illuminati is a freethinking group who promoted secularism for the US back before the dark ages. Christians demonize illuminati to claim they are evil for removing religion from politics and blame illuminati on everything. Christians and christianity are nothing but scumbags asking for trouble!
  3. this is disturbing....
  4. The auto tune is strong with this one.
  5. That's why chris brown found Rihanna unattractive 
  7. No wonder she's part of the illuminati…
  8. Why is this song about crazy whores wearing strip clothes but not in a creepy place down the sewer?
  9. Sounds like shes saying Disturbila lol 
  10. 12/07/2014
  11. awesome
  12. so what if shes in the illuminati? i mean....did she kill your family and eat your babies? 
  13. What's the meaning of 'Disturbia'? 
  14. 0:11 is that detox?!
  15. God is real cuz who created the whole masterpiece of the universe god did,it's true beacuse who created the first people god did.HE IS REAL AND THE WHOLE HOLY FAMILY, and if u don't believe in him watch when u die.you are liking Saitan if I don't believe in god.But if u believe in god he is real.Have a good day may god bless u if u believe in him 
  16. to bad she share asong with shakira 
  17. She's beautifull in this video!
  18. wtf people, i quote from like 50% of the comments: "i like the song but not the video, its scary" what do you expect from a song called distrubia?!?! LOL, not every music video is gonna be bubblegum pop katy perry
  19. my first song of rihanna i heard .
  20. I can't believe how primitive and simple-minded people still are... crying here on the comments about illuminati and disturbing demonic lyrics... Must be the unemployed population of the hoods and "religious" people = nuts.
  21. disturbia means?
  22. Those dancers remind me of how the nurses move in silent hill... >.>
  23. Time hop thank you.
  24. See what you did riri, you cause the people below to start stupid controversy about; is god is real? if Jesus and Christians are real? if satanist and Satan are real? if your real? if i am real? if the fucking grass under our feet and the chairs we sit on and the shit we see everyday is real? Are you all happy now? =_= thanks alot. shit. this pisses me off. Everyone everything you see isn't real,Alright. even me or you, ok? Geez, Just stop the bull. shit. madness. Go to work,school,or outside and enjoy the damn sunlight. hell. Go read a book, probably that isn't real either >.>