Rihanna - Disturbia

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Music video by Rihanna performing Disturbia. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 48,070,735. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. this is disturbing....
  2. Sounds like shes saying Disturbila lol 
  3. 12/07/2014
  4. Why is this song about crazy whores wearing strip clothes but not in a creepy place down the sewer?
  5. This song tho 
  7. I can't believe how primitive and simple-minded people still are... crying here on the comments about illuminati and disturbing demonic lyrics... Must be the unemployed population of the caveman-level countries...
  8. Is it just me or is there a SHIT ton of autotune in this? You can even hear the little "gargle" effect in there that comes from it.
  9. illuminati !!! pure illuminati 
  10. Does Rihanna play Silent Hill? These video has TONS of things that relate to Silent Hill.
  11. I don't think this song or video has anything to do with the Illuminati...? Its just a scary song like MJ's thriller
  12. THINK TWICE OF WHAT THIS SONG IS ABOUT!!!!! ( Demons, Satan.)
  13. this is so limunati omg!
  14. She's beautifull in this video!
  15. wtf people, i quote from like 50% of the comments: "i like the song but not the video, its scary" what do you expect from a song called distrubia?!?! LOL, not every music video is gonna be bubblegum pop katy perry
  16. What is illuminati and what is rihanna's relation with it?
  17. Things I'm sick of... People commenting "illuminati" Christians asking Rihanna to come back to jesus. FFS Illuminati isnt real, jesus isn't real, christianity isn't real religion isn't real!! Illuminati has nothing to do with satan or the devil. Illuminati is a freethinking group who promoted secularism for the US back before the dark ages. Christians demonize illuminati to claim they are evil for removing religion from politics and blame illuminati on everything. Christians and christianity are nothing but scumbags asking for trouble!
  18. Rihanna learned about mannequin sex from pyramid head
  19. I swear you people are TOO obsessed with "Illuminati" you keep the ignorance ALIVE and Kicking! Which sounds more like the Illuminati than anything i've seen ever. lol Also this is in the weak category of anything scary, so if that scares you, that's a problem. lol
  20. I can prove that Rihanna is in the Illuminati. In her song "umbrella" she sings, "you're part of my entity". An entity is not human. In that song, she's talking about being demon possessed.
  21. i like the song, but the video is so so ugly and creepy
  22. It must take a lot of self-control to sing and dance with tarantulas all over your body...
  23. Like I care about the illuminatii anyway
  24. Illuminati wants you.