Rihanna - Disturbia

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Music video by Rihanna performing Disturbia. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 48,070,735. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. No she doesn't worship satan, but this shit is very very dark. She is one creepy bitch.
  2. Okay okay if u dnt think jesus is real go to hell iif u want to go to heaven belive in dah lord and god
  3. I've been hearing the chorus in my head for like 5 years and i finally found the song!
  4. Comments are full with people thinking that all christians think this is illuminati. I'm christian and i don't think so. Some people are blinded by their religion, some think all popular people sold their souls to devil. How can you be so stupid to believe or think like that. 
  5. That's why chris brown found Rihanna unattractive 
  6. She's literally saying she's possessed and here are all her dumbass fans going "no it's just art" are you fucking kidding me
  7. The illuminati is written all over this video with all of it's darkness. Too bad a lot of these young new artist are selling their souls for fame and fortune. Rihanna has enough talent to make it in the business without selling her soul to the devil, it's a damn shame what has happened in the music industry!!!!
  8. God is real cuz who created the whole masterpiece of the universe god did,it's true beacuse who created the first people god did.HE IS REAL AND THE WHOLE HOLY FAMILY, and if u don't believe in him watch when u die.you are liking Saitan if I don't believe in god.But if u believe in god he is real.Have a good day may god bless u if u believe in him 
  9. This song is so fucking shit, I'd rather listen to my own child being murdered than listen to this song again.
  10. Oh Shut Up This is not illuminati
  11. 1:17 What is behind rihanna ??? creppy :p
  12. This is not illuminati ffs honestly stupid christians
  13. I don't know if Rhianna writes all her songs or not, But I really like all her songs. Very Catchy. She blows lady gaga out of the water. And sometimes in the water, but that's a different story :-D 
  14. Try to beat the amount of song references I put into a story! So one day I was walking into a "Fancy" bar. I saw this girl with "The man" I knew I had to make the "Good girls go bad" I said you should be "Coming Home" with "All of me" "Baby". We would "Roll up" into my nice house. We drove to the house with a "Black and Yellow" car. She did the "Wiggle" for me. And she also did the "Twerk" for me. Man that ass was a great "Booty" I told her my "Anaconda" don't. She told me I want to "Stay" Longer. I said I want you to "Stay with me" to. But I had to "Work Bitch" "We will be "Young forever" we always have tomorrow. You still need to "Live your life" as well. I came at you at the bar like a "Wrecking ball" Now "We can't stop" Loving eachother. It was a "Boom clap" effect. I felt like one of the "Cool kids" when I first saw you . I hope you will forever be my "Girlfriend". I wish I was a "Billionaire". But I have to go to "Work". 24 song references! Can you beat that?
  15. Things I'm sick of... People commenting "illuminati" Christians asking Rihanna to come back to jesus. FFS Illuminati isnt real, jesus isn't real, christianity isn't real religion isn't real!! Illuminati has nothing to do with satan or the devil. Illuminati is a freethinking group who promoted secularism for the US back before the dark ages. Christians demonize illuminati to claim they are evil for removing religion from politics and blame illuminati on everything. Christians and christianity are nothing but scumbags asking for trouble!
  16. The beginning was kind of "disturbia"ing.
  17. а чего её так плющит, как скарлет йохансен в фильме Люси? %-)
  18. Aye but witches believe that darkness is light doe and she singin this for real look it up witches believe Satan is light LOL ever heard of the angel of light why give such a name to the prince of darkness hhmmm. this song was written by a witch cause ppl don't just come up with this stuff and think its cool to call darkness light their is some truth in that. dumb fans be letting these things enter them n don't kno the truth. Yall dumb im out peace.
  19. Illumiati isnt real its made up crap so shut up this song is awesome Haters u can do something else LIKE BRUHHH
  20. Singers use strange ideas in their songs like Illuminati, violence, drugs.. etc to get people talking about it which effects the sales.. that doesn't necessarily mean they truly kill people or worship a fuck.. if you think otherwise you're ignorant beyond any help. But how these songs effect society? that's another story.. I'm here because I like the music, but if you have a delicate mind that easily can be twisted, so don't listen to this kind of music.. it's that simple
  21. Why does Vevo always go with potato resolution?
  22. Rihanna sings "Disturbia" .... enjoy 🎃🎃🎃
  23. If religion doesnt exist, so where did u come from? Are u the creature that was randomly made by nature?
  24. ils verront mais ne croiront pas ils vous manipulera vers la fin des temps musique films politiciens etc....par ces marionettes les stars ayant signée des pâctes luciferiens pour reussir la fin est proche pauvre hommes la moitié de la population mourra bientot
  25. i look up a music video and of course there is some religous debate over something that has nothing to do with this piece of music........ thc people for that but you know wheather or not you like jesus or god or ali or whomever WE DON'T CARE we just want to listen to music and to those who have to continue the argument plz just do it somewhere else and for you smart assses out there i know i didn;t spell everything correctly