Rihanna Ft Drake Take Care (Lyrics)

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Mon vidéo sur une de mes chansons préféré c'est temps-ci :)

  1. i like arianas and leons version better
  2. I've loved and i've lost ♡♡
  3. I love this song!!!!! <3 
  4. This song gives some deep emotions !! But i loveee it
  5. This Song Was Pointed at Chris Brown at least i think that anybody else
  6. I Loved And I've Lost .
  7. I always thought she said the love dat ive lost smh
  8. Ive loved and ive lost. . .
  9. What instrument makes the sound after Rihanna says her lines
  10. looovvvvvveeeeeeee this song!!!!!!!!!
  11. Looooooooooooooooobe it to death nice song!:)
  12. Take Care Most Favorite Album By Drake
  13. penis
  14. its drake ft rihanna btw
  15. Take care, Tha ride, crew love, headlines were my favorite from the album.
  16. I love this song
  17. cute
  18. If you let me , here's what i'll do .. i'll take care of youuuu . ♥♥
  19. I wondering whp is this myster girl
  20. I don't get why it is Rihanna ft Drake if drake is singing the song???
  21. let's be real truth hurts and those lies hurt 
  22. I haven't heard this song in a long time but it's really good :)
  23. True!
  24. aw:)
  25. So beautiful♥