Rihanna Ft Drake Take Care (Lyrics)

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Mon vidéo sur une de mes chansons préféré c'est temps-ci :)

  1. Amen...
  2. no you gotta teach bitches obedience
  3. I love this song now
  4. 540 people don't have lives
  6. Screw the iPad , give the virus :DD
  7. Nobody can justify or unjustify the chris and riri case. simply because yall wasn't there ! yall don't know what actually happen yall know what the media wants yall to know. period point blank. Brezzy is man enough to admit his mistake and move on. yall need to too.
  8. It wasn't intended to come across as mean. I was just correcting her grammatical errors.
  9. PREACH!!!
  10. id say Rihanna must be infuriating ......
  11. Hmm i like the cover from ari and leon better :) ♥
  12. leave that poor boy's head alone you fucking pieceof shit.
  13. Wow, that's really sad and unfortunate you feel that way. No one ever has a right to put their hands on another for any reason. Ever.
  14. Drake the type of nigga to come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his head
  15. He wouldn't. Drake isn't a violent scumbag!
  16. Okay ._.
  17. I love that part. omg <3.
  18. lol a lot of people say couples are "cute" together, though i am not sure what exactly makes them so.
  19. let go of things...
  20. But the fact is he didn't! He really loved Rihanna.
  21. i feel sorry that Rihanna gets beat up by chris brown. :(
  22. You Truly Deserve An AMEN!
  23. :)
  24. lol ikr
  25. You will know that infuriating moment when your nephew (who's been a loser for a long time, I have to say) gets an amazing girl to fall for him in, like 3 weeks?! God, that just materialized. I understand I should be pleased for him nevertheless I would rather it to be me. He stated he learned from the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I wish to hide inside a cave right now.