Rihanna - We Found Love (LYRICS)

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  1. Rihanna - We Found Love (LYRICS): http://youtu.be/kqaGZYDGcUw me and a special someone fell in love in a hopeless place but I'm not gonna say who ;-) who did you fall I'm love with? 
  2. Rihanna has got an awesome falsetto. I sound like a squeking bird.
  3. we found drugs in a dopeless place
  5. For some reason this reminds me of Disney World
  6. I once gave a girl her first time but it was anal_true story ( I had no condom)
  7. I remember when I first heard this, the line "we found love in a hopeless place" reminded me of my crush, because I hated my new school (a "hopeless place"), but being near him made it worth it ("we found love"). I decided this would be our relationship song if we ever got together. We never did. :/ Sixth grade problems. ;)
  8. We found trash in a homeless place!
  9. this song gets me in a good mood of love 
  10. "We found Dove in a sopeless place"
  11. My mom always sang 'We found love in a homeless place', xD How embarrassing when I had to explain to her in public what it really is :P
  12. We found fun in a 8-Bit game...
  13. Rihanna - We Found Love (LYRICS): https://youtu.be/kqaGZYDGcUw
  14. I hate it when YouTubers don't allow videos to be watched on mobile phones. It's so freaking annoying.
  15. I love this song.... Kinda gives me an idea for a oneshot I could do :) 
  16. >////< cute!
  17. elle date des années 
  18. all these songs fuel my emotion
  19. Rihanna - We Found Love (LYRICS): http://youtu.be/kqaGZYDGcUw
  20. Man, this played in the mall and I had the feeling to listen to it.
  21. people who turn the whole screen into a channel link should be shot by firing squad at dawn
  22. lmaaaaaaaaoooooo