Rihanna - We Ride

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Music video by Rihanna performing We Ride. (C) 2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Before she liked getting naked. She is still dope though
  2. We Ride i feels #rihanna #weride #waitingfor #R8 
  3. "YEAH WE RIDE" "09"
  4. She is still beautiful.. Stop judging her if she likes the ways she is then fine..I still love her and she is a human. She makes mistakes but is her life and she can do what the fuck she wants ! :)
  5. 💗Rihanna💗 We Ride💋 🚘🚗🚘
  6. I remember when Rihanna used to make good music like this! Her music now a days sucks!
  7. I miss this Rihanna , she was so talented in this Time ! 🙌
  8. 聽完蕾哈娜的歌........晚安囉!
  9. And I just can't figure out why but this is what you said When we ride, we ride, it's till the day that we die We used say ♥♥♥
  10. Omg at 3:16 we can see "symphaty for the devil"
  11. one of my favourites
  12. :D
  13. yeh i bin followin u like a bitch my heds gone bin banged out protectin u my eye sytes gone drinkin indinan whishkies that my bredrin bring me bk from punjab but i wan talk 2 u please say hello im like 1 one of them cyclopea now fuckin 1 eyed bastards but rah giv me a chance?
  14. Can someone tell me what's the song at the beggining of the video?
  15. STILL loving this
  16. i didnt know she sung this, first time seeing this video :D love it!
  17. This song is great! So glamorous and calm at the same time. Can someone recommend me more songs like this. Thank you in advance! :*
  18. This was actually a pretty good song
  19. I want to make orgasm explosion on pretty chocolate girls face.
  20. everybody just shhhh n listen to her music.. thats the reason why she made them... just judging and talking like you know her... nothing u can do about her behavior or what she does.. 
  21. Rihanna - WeRide ComingSoon NuDestiny TheGameIsChanging........
  22. I love this song and I love Rihanna she is very pretty 
  23. Love Rihanna old and new. 😍
  24. I love this song ... I miss the old RiRi
  25. ♥perfeccion