Rihanna - We Ride

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Music video by Rihanna performing We Ride. (C) 2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Still my favourite Rihanna! Used to love her back then!
  2. <3<333333
  3. A) She was like 17 here. No one stays that way/age forever. B) Shes still the same person even though her clothes or hair is different. but whining about the changes isn't going to bring "old Rihanna" back. C) Rihanna herself has said that this look you guys are obsessed with was how she was forced to look and how she had to be marketed a certain way bec of her age. This was never the real her. So what you see here is all fake. 
  4. What happened this kind of music?😔
  5. earlier stuff was sooo much better than her recent stuff.
  6. Omg she was so beautiful....
  7. she still is beautiful.always will be.
  8. She looked really beautiful back in all her older videos. I don't understand what's up with her new looks. I'm lost for words.
  9. that phone tho >
  10. this is not rihanna....
  11. Love her hair I this video
  12. what a shit video lol great song though
  13. fair enough its old tunes,but the music artist makes are the ones everyone wants to hear,so they'll buy there music and make more money,whatever music goes popular artist,take it on and make music like thatt. love,r&b thoo :* xxxx
  14. 2:40 Melissa! 😁 *in the back* lol
  15. Nostalgic 
  16. Rihanna your awesome.. :)
  17. She was a sket then and still a sket nw Lool 
  18. I am happi ,i love you
  19. I think, most of us all miss that Rihanna...
  20. I like the song but I don't like the video 
  21. well she is pretty as hell , but u know 2 keep up with the music, ind,,,,,,and 4 fame wnna be on top u gonna have 2 do stuff , she is always gonna be beautiful , even more than Beyonce
  22. I love Rihanna's accent and this is and will always be my song !
  23. Is one of my favorite songs. #badgirlriri
  24. Way better music then what she makes now.. js
  25. I found the old rihanna very generic,unoriginal but this is a great song of hers