Rihanna - We Ride

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Music video by Rihanna performing We Ride. (C) 2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Who's watching in 2015? 
  2. awww, rihanna was so innocent back then. after that chris brown incident, ...CHILD! RIHANNA HASN'T BEEN THE SAME. TATTOOS, MIDDLE FINGERS, SKIMPY OUTFITS & ASS SHOTS.
  3. Rihanna We Ride
  4. Those kids riding a toy car brought me here. dafuq
  5. like if your watching in 2015
  6. I love this Song. #BRASIL \O/
  7. i love rihanna she is my favourite singer im so obsessed with her music
  8. lol she's not a fan of this song anymore https://twitter.com/rihanna/status/140233364237062144
  9. Rih said she hates this video now when she looks back at it lol
  10. Buon pomeriggio!
  11. Rihanna said she hates this video!
  12. Omg at 3:16 we can see "symphaty for the devil"
  13. I think illuminati is bullshit but the only scary thing that ever made me wonder was the writing on the wall in this music video. They clearly made the wallpaper for the music video since it multiple time says "we ride" but it also says "sympathy for the devil". Why did they put that in there?
  14. c'est tellement bien alors que maintenant en 2015 elle montre que ses fesses dans ses autre clips c'est pas regarder comme je suis belle en soutien-gorge ! non là c'est simple c'est sa la vrais musique !
  15. She's so cute
  16. She use to be so pretty 😍 but now 😒
  17. These artists more old they get and more sexy/nice they become wtf
  18. If you didn't know,Rihanna hate We ride.She said that on twitter/Si no lo sabiam Rihanna odia We ride Lo dijo en Twitter: https://twitter.com/rihanna/status/140233364237062144
  19. park bom brought me here <33
  20. IT SELLS! :-)
  21. 1:33 When she said "We used to say~" and "I remember what you used to say~" I used to hear "For Jesus' sake" and "I remember what Jesus said" XDD
  22. i love this song
  23. Elle est fantastique dans ce clip
  24. I like this vevo lol 
  25. lol Rihanna hates this video