Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah

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  1. Nneka - Heartbeat wiews 9,687,939 Rita Ora 42,798,611 You People Are Morons
  2. "I'll make you call me daddy, even though you ain't my daughter" Um....he shouldn't be able to make a female do anything, that sounded so gross and self entitled O.o
  3. She stole Drake's song ! Drake - Ready For You.
  4. Does having all that black dick in her make her look-talk-act like that?
  5. It amazes me how many people have no idea how the music industry works... no, she did not steal this song from Drake. Drake wrote the song for a female artist and Rita Ora paid for the rights to it. So yes, she "stole" the song in the same sense that you "steal" anything that you legally buy.
  6. Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah: http://youtu.be/L1l9WST5lXM
  7. essa musica mostra ela de outro jeito isso e bom pois em cada musica vc mostra o que vc e capaz e eu amo essa musica pq as vezes faz sentido e pq combina n tem um sentido de ser diferente e ela linda canta bem o que mais pode querer
  8. Was she having sex at 3:28 or something? :')
  9. Way better than Rihanna
  10. And she didn't steal any song you people must have ear problems or something XD if she did don't you think she would get sued?
  11. umm... Wtf is all this Rita Ora and Nneka comparison? To sample from another song is okay. Eminem, Birdy, Fall Out Boy and a lot of artists do it. All I heard that was similar is tempo and that part where the vocals "smooth stutters" some words. My point is, artists can get paid through iTunes simply by just doing a cover of another artist's song/lyrics and it happens all the time with little to no credit to original artists. Why can't Rita Ora do something to the less extent? I don't see the big deal. Enlighten me, please. :o Talk about "sharing economy" lol 
  12. Punxie89 it's just a songgg man! He respects women in real life
  13. This whole song is a ripoff of Drake's I'm Ready For You..?
  14. Ремикс охрененный, но клип не о чем.
  15. Her days are over - she is an illuminati too now..., dragged in by tinie
  16. R.I.P... more like ripped off other songs. And no less than Nneka's heart-touching Heartbeat. Faith in humanity lost.
  17. i like how she says "forrow my lead" ..
  18. RIP to the girl you used to see she's got herpes its a parody
  19. Rita ora is from Kosovo which was originally from Yugoslavia but is now in Serbia, she moved when she was one and grew up in west London (Rita is technically British). I live in the same area as her and sometimes go to the pin her dad owns! 
  20. RITA Ora Is Smoking!! Lived her in the X Factor During Kye's Performance. She got So Wet xD
  21. was she the girl from the movie racing car that she said "this is london baby"? with vin diesel and paul walker.. i dont remember whats the movie's name...
  22. I call my man daddy all the time. That doesn't make me less of a woman in anyway. Get off the BS people. If you are not calling him daddy, he not handling that right. #justsaying
  24. I felt like Tinie was out of place, I love so much Rita's voice *-*, and it was awful that he appeared in the screen after she said "come closer" two times xS