Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah

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Get the new album ORA on iTunes UK and IE here: http://smarturl.it/OraAlbumDigital Download "R.I.P." on iTunes right now! Click here: http://smarturl.it/RitaOraRIP More Rita Ora on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/howwedoparty Music video by RITA ORA featuring Tinie Tempah performing R.I.P.. (C) 2012 Roc Nation LLC

  1. Rita ora is from Kosovo which was originally from Yugoslavia but is now in Serbia, she moved when she was one and grew up in west London (Rita is technically British). I live in the same area as her and sometimes go to the pin her dad owns! 
  2. coo yo
  3. Watching in 2014..!!
  4. here days are over baby it's overrr
  5. The song is mainly good, but more than sampling Nneka's "Heartbeat", it also sounds much as alike as "Lovesong" by Selena Gomez in the pre-chorus, and it also sounds like "Live Your Life" by T.I. *Rihanna's part* during the second verse... So it's a copy-paste! 
  6. Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah: http://youtu.be/L1l9WST5lXM
  7. This song sounds familiar...did she steal the beat just like 95% of all artists do these days?
  8. ♥
  9. 3:18 best part of song :P
  10. "I'll make you call me daddy, even though you ain't my daughter" Um....he shouldn't be able to make a female do anything, that sounded so gross and self entitled O.o
  11. Nneka - Heartbeat. Does that sound familiar? Oh yeah there's a stolen sample from there in this song.
  12. wat does R.I.P means 
  13. UK hip hop never sounds good I don't know if it's the accent or what I just can't stand it
  14. She stole Drake's song ! Drake - Ready For You.
  16. not to be rude but like is she white or black ?
  17. Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Stratus remix) >>>>
  18. Es idea mia o en el beat sale extractos de Heartbeat de NNeka?
  19. More like RIP to this song after Tinies dumbass tries to sound cool
  20. this is good!!!! this however... is good too ^_^ #popmusic
  21. Drake's version is soo much better ..even though the lyrics drake wrote where meant for to be sung by a girl, its still better than this. 
  22. #FAVS 
  23. "R.I.P" Rita Ora's boobs. If you know what I mean. 
  24. My mother played this song at my sister's funeral. It was very touching... :`)
  25. I never heard of Rita until few weeks ago but she is very BEAUTIFUL and her voice is beautiful too.