Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah

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  1. not to be rude but like is she white or black ?
  2. Wtf rita ora is die???
  3. OMG still love this song still 😎
  4. No one is smart enough to thoroughly understand the collective conscience unless you have attractions with each other through curves beauty vanity sharp sediq handsome and flamboyant. 
  5. was she the girl from the movie racing car that she said "this is london baby"? with vin diesel and paul walker.. i dont remember whats the movie's name...
  6. My mother played this song at my sister's funeral. It was very touching... :`)
  7. she is a gypsy black white
  8. What race is she?? She looks black but like not at the same time
  9. is this bitch white or black?
  10. When u see an artist like this. U clearly know she slept with someone 2 get 2 this point. I don't mean 2 offend her fans. But the only special thing about her is her mouth. Average voice and i know she don't write her stuff so i wont even talk about her lyrics. However she's a cutie and i guess thats all that matters now a days. Longing for Real Artists Who Move ur soul with voice and lyrics.
  11. Skip 0:33-0:58 the rapping part uw
  12. Her days are over, baby she's over...
  13. This song came on on the radio the day my cousin died
  14. albanian gypsy race, came from india
  15. When I heard the Nneka - "Heartbeat " sample, I pulled my earphones out in disgust. That's like an actually SONG song. With actual lyrics and talent. Stop
  16. Is she white or lightskin ?!
  17. You're beautiful Rita 
  18. shes like the blond version of rihanna.......
  19. Totally awesome. 🙌
  20. shes white :/
  21. ♥
  22. Super kawałek !!!!!!
  23. slightly boring video, fantastic song
  24. Everyone knows this was drakes song right? 
  25. i love this song..this song really power and awesome.....i love rita ora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!