Rock Mafia - The Big Bang Featuring Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for The Big Bang starring Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers, available now on iTunes:

  1. for some reason i thought this song was by Maroon 5...
  2. is it just me or does the dude look alot like zac effont?
  3. A couple of months ago some lady named like katytiz had this song and it was all over the radio for like a week... i thought this was originally by her for a while
  4. i saw this video like a thousand times and I never understand anything seriously, did she ever existed or not?
  5. I think this version is the best
  6. Rock Mafia – The Big Bang #HQ-Music
  7. i just realised Kvein Zegers is in this video
  8. ALEC <3 
  9. amo esta cancion es una de mis favoritas PD. HO POR DIOS ES ALEC!!!!
  10. hai maili skype ies
  11. lol 
  12. talk about amazing.
  13. Isn't that the guy/kid from air bud? lol
  14. adoro esta musica e o casal perfeito lindos
  15. damiennnnnnnnnn dalgaard lol hottest dealer in town
  16. this dude looks a lot like like Ian Somerhalder... :]
  18. FIFA 12
  19. I love this song ♥♥♥
  20. Is the guy hallucinating?
  21. Mileys so beautiful
  22. Is it me or Kevin Zegers (aka Alec from The Mortal Instruments) is the in this video?
  23. Rock Mafia - The Big Bang Featuring Miley Cyrus (…:
  24. Lmao at all those people who say that Miley was normal then
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