Rock Mafia - The Big Bang Featuring Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for The Big Bang starring Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers, available now on iTunes:

  1. Is like the Old Miley actually died in that classic Mercedes of this video
  2. They took selfies in 2010! 
  3. JESUS christ WTF happened to Miley... She used to be cute
  4. #Rock. VH1..Mob wives intro, ,love that show!☺
  5. When I first heard this son on the movie LOL I thought that it was so catchy and upbeat
  6. A couple of months ago some lady named like katytiz had this song and it was all over the radio for like a week... i thought this was originally by her for a while
  7. Странный какой-то клип, а Сайрус раньше была очень горячая и вообще красивая!
  8. they make miley look like a evil sorcerer the way she kept bloody movie
  9. why is Alec seeing miley cyrus everywhere instead of Jace??
  10. wait what? im confused... what the fuck?
  11. Mob wives' old theme song 👌fell in love with it years ago and the slow motion vid suits it perfectly
  12. So who actually is singing this song? 
  13. Miley Cyrus is gross. And not attractive at all. Just my opinion.
  14. Rock Mafia - The Big Bang
  15. ouais la musique des sims 3 animaux et cie
  16. BigBang fkcnckfk GD T.O.P Daesung Seungri Taeyang fkfjfjjf 😄😄😄😄
  17. holy shit she was so hot...and occasionally still is at award shows etc
  18. Keeeeeeeevin 💙💙 
  19. Who is rock mafia ? I keep searching and all I find is a guy with a guitar nd I'm sure the woman singing is African American 
  20. I loved him in its a boy girl thing... I always thought he looked like Ian and zac 
  21. missing that Miley
  22. he looks like ian somerhalder 
  23. la mejor cancion deben oirla
  24. finally found where i remembered that dude from gossip girl from
  25. Josh Frammmmm all grown up