Rock Mafia - The Big Bang Featuring Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for The Big Bang starring Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers, available now on iTunes:

  1. Is like the Old Miley actually died in that classic Mercedes of this video
  2. They took selfies in 2010! 
  3. why is Alec seeing miley cyrus everywhere instead of Jace??
  4. JESUS christ WTF happened to Miley... She used to be cute
  5. A couple of months ago some lady named like katytiz had this song and it was all over the radio for like a week... i thought this was originally by her for a while
  6. FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT UNDERSTAND THE VIDEO!!! Basically, Miley was that guys girlfriend but she died in a car crash right in front of him. Miley (in this video) is a ghost who then haunts the guy because he loved her so he starts seeing her everywhere and hallucinating. He is having flashbacks of before she died and is chasing her ghost. He doesn't realise she is a ghost until the end when he finally knows she is gone... 
  7. #Rock. VH1..Mob wives intro, ,love that show!☺
  8. i did not know this was miley cyrus!!!
  9. he looks like ian somerhalder 
  10. My personal opinion. I cant stand the way she looks with long hair. Shes meant to have super short hair. It works for her round face. Hair does not do her justice to me. 
  11. does anybody else think that guy is Ian Somerhalder?
  12. This video has always confused me.
  13. Why the fuck would she, after a car accident, run away from the car?!
  14. ian somerhalder?
  15. When I first heard this son on the movie LOL I thought that it was so catchy and upbeat
  16. wait what? im confused... what the fuck?
  17. still not understanding what's the meaning of the damn video.
  18. Woooooow, awesome video clip ,on the contrary of "the breaking walls" , he actually should learn how to make a video clip basing in this .
  19. This music video is confusing asf
  20. When Miley still looked human.
  21. Someone please explain the meaning of this video PLEASE!!!
  22. For once, I like a cover better than the original. Katy Tiz did it better, and her video was sexy. This one is confusing with brief moments of sexy.
  23. I thought they would start to sing "Bing bang diggiriggidong First thing that I say after I wake up"
  24. sexy miley
  25. 💕💧🎶💧💕💧🎶💧💕💧🎶💧💕🎶💧💕💕💕💕Rock Mafia - The Big Bang Featuring Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video):