Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger

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Ein hallo an alle besucher dieses Videos. Ich hatte einfach mal wieder Lust ein Video zu machen. Da ich bisher ausschließlich Videos über Profisport gemacht habe widme ich mich jetzt mal einem neuen Gebiet. Ich hoffe euch gefällt der Zusammenschnitt von Rocky IV zu der Musik Eye of the tiger ...

  1. ....Приятна вечер и наздраве!!!!!!!!
  2. Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger. CLASSICO.
  3. AGAINST the FUCKING russians !!
  4. lol a middleweight against an heavyweight and they had great success with it, go figure.
  5. Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger:
  6. Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger :
  7. Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger:
  8. L'oeil du tigre 🐯 
  10. Just my observation actually rocky trained in jungle and ice fields etc.....and Russian boxer in well equipped gym. But the fact is Russians train in ice and Americans burn the burger pizazz fat in gym.
  11. Rocky it's my best Film all pls subsercribe his video !!!!!!!
  12. Mitico ♡ Rocky 
  13. Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger:
  14. I noticed some propaganda in the opening scene of this movie. When the Russian glove and American glove hit, the Russian glove immediately broke and fell down while the American one stood still. As if this was some subliminal propaganda against Russia. hmmmm.
  15. Your a great legend rocky pound for pound.
  16. ROCKY IV is the most inpirational Rocky movie EVER!!!!!!!!!! AND THE BEST BOXER EVER, GO ROCKY!
  17. its a movie people chill
  18. Rocky is not american but italian
  19. in reallity drago won ...
  20. I think it is prohibited to hit the face, in islamic jurisprudence, in boxing or in wrestling. War conditions are different from Peace conditions.
  21. mitchfromEngland themitchffromEngland - FUCK YOU MOM and YOUR PEOPLE!!! RUSSIA - POWER, usa & england - GAY SHIT!!!