Rocky IV - Eye of the Tiger

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Ein hallo an alle besucher dieses Videos. Ich hatte einfach mal wieder Lust ein Video zu machen. Da ich bisher ausschließlich Videos über Profisport gemacht habe widme ich mich jetzt mal einem neuen Gebiet. Ich hoffe euch gefällt der Zusammenschnitt von Rocky IV zu der Musik Eye of the tiger ...

  1. Guys it not about the music it about ROCKY I love him I really want to meet him hes awesome I know hes only actor but u know what hes damn got the will for fighting im only a girl but I love boxing know thankyo ROCKYu inspired me I now have my own punching bag THANKYOU ROCKY
  2. BAD QUALITY at beginning
  3. "I must break you.", Ivan Drago ...unforgettable...
  4. " you had the eye of the tiger man!" - Apollo Creed
  5. german ,dude smoke weed
  6. Rocky and this song ..Always inspire me in the gym
  7. Always inspirational when the chips are down! Go Rock!
  8. Rocky!! <3<3
  11. action movies suck like crazy nowadays, kudos to all rocky movies....
  12. Wish they would focus more on making more movies like Rocky instead of those fucking crap ''One Direction'' or other stupid shit movies like that.The only good parts in the new movies now are the ones shown in the trailer,lol......whole 2 hour movies based on 1 minute of ''hmm,decent'' while you have to watch other 1:59 minutes of crap.Rocky has not even 1 minute of crap.
  13. Abey the clip and STFU with your stupid wonder the world is so fucked up
  14. Rocky is so hot
  15. Thanks for making this i love it
  16. this song when u do gym u hear it :) its a good song !!!!
  17. sylvester stallone sos mi idolo
  18. inculte .
  19. They don't seem to care much about defense... In fact, their defense is the worst i've ever seen
  20. Maybe your big and strong but your slow, someone in a body type like rocky could beat you....
  21. Maravilla Martinez de Argentina El Nuestro También Saludos!!!!
  22. no sound...
  23. dedonde sacas esa musica