Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] HD

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  1. I love this song!! Wish it was longer. Replay it is....
  2. Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] HD: I have got to start doin my music like this.
  3. The rock reggae version of Wiz Khalifa's roll up. This guy is crazy talented
  4. I throw my hands up in the Air sometimes singing ehhhyoo gotta let goo (-|*__*|-)
  5. Roll up EMflaob check this out bro
  6. I wish this song was three times the length it is! Ah well until then I'll just keep hitting replay :)
  7. walk off the earth please come to sa capetown plsssssssss u r crazy talented
  8. So cool *-* I like your voice. Can you cover a song like 'a day to remember - all signs point to lauderdale' ? A song with clear voice and screams? I'm sure it would be nice.
  9. Wenn es um Musik geht +Dennis Sommer und +Marvin Schulz Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] HD
  10. Fucking awesome. Keep it up!
  11. Sick mate, cheers!
  12. he's one of the members duh!!!!!
  13. Holy shit that is AWESOMe
  14. omg this is the best thing ever!
  15. By far better than the original.
  16. How much money do you think these guys have to do all this?
  17. Damn this dude's got some fuckin talent... Amazing.
  18. love it
  19. @gianniluminati you are legit!
  20. Amazing artists! Love they guys!!! Shout out to being Canadian!
  21. what are the tabs for the bass and the guitar
  22. best thing ive ever heard
  23. ...whenever you call MEEEEE (perfect.)
  24. Gianni, way at precise timing, talk about music inclination at its best! I'm Idolizing you from a-far!
  25. Walk off the earth is amazing. And so is the person who showed this to me. #slowlylearning
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