Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover

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"Roll Up" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE merch available here: Gianni Luminati of Walk off the Earth has some fun looping the song "Roll Up" by Wiz Khalifa. WOTE TOUR DATES:

  1. fake
  2. Dont care what your friends say coz they dont know me.
  3. woow, i love it so much, enjoyed it so.
  4. sickkk
  5. Cool...!!!
  6. once again you rival the original in my book
  7. In case you were wondering if Walk Off The Earth was a one-trick pony, here's another good one
  8. Wiz Khalifa is put to shame...
  9. Music Thursday! * Dances around happily *
  10. Another video done [Walk off the Earth] style. All instruments played by one guy.
  11. have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE creativity?
  12. A Microwave, a trampoline, loops, and +Shure mics! Walk Off the Earth does it again with this great Wiz Khalifa cover.
  13. This is a pretty cool video! The looping is well done.
  14. Awesome sampling skills!
  15. Wiz Khalifa remake awesome something for everyone
  16. And for all y'all Canuckers out thurr... fans out there who be lovin those cover songs, please check out our own locally grown "Walk off the Earth" from someplace here in Ontario! Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover
  17. I can't describe how impressive this is to me. OK Go has some serious competition.
  18. If you don't consider this epic there is something seriously wrong with you.
  19. dude, you take lsd?
  20. These guys need recognition. Just listen and trust me.
  21. Better than the Original? Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up [Official Music Video] vs.
  22. loopin' it up!
  23. Better than the Original? Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up [Official Music Video] vs.