Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover

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"Roll Up" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE merch available here: Gianni Luminati of Walk off the Earth has some fun looping the song "Roll Up" by Wiz Khalifa. WOTE TOUR DATES:

  1. I wish I could like it twice!
  2. You gotta love WOTE, fabulous version of this track Lol@ Marshall so funny :)
  3. you should cover the lego movie song "everything is awesome". my six year old said so!
  4. I ain't gonna listen the original one again :D WOTE you all rocks.
  5. #mymusichangout #walkofftheearth 
  6. So Awesome~! 
  7. Amazing 
  8. that's the best cover of it !! woow *_* 
  9. Here's a little something to help y'all hit that Monday feeling in the nuts! Here's to a rocking week #Wote
  10. Why the fuck am I getting Spanish commercials?
  11. Incredible!
  12. One of my favorite videos Gianni you are amazing :D 
  13. Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover really clever cover of Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa by recording then looping music samples 
  14. Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover:
  15. in the last 3 years i've watched this video more then a dozen times and i swear i never noticed it was marshal at the end untill today. that's great. i wish i could thumbs up this video a second time today
  16. Man I love you guys...... skills just plain skills.
  17. walk off the earth your the best i love you guys 
  18. Dont care what your friends say coz they dont know me.
  19. Amazing guys ! Look !
  20. he really love MUSIC! :)
  21. Chi fa se fa per tre ! ! ! Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover:
  22. Marshall's impression of Gianni is just bang on! xD
  23. Awesome cover! 
  24. More wiz khalifa!!!
  25. "Dude", You "Shot a Video"??? What did it do? BaHahahahahahaha.......................... <3 Love you Guys.
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