Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover

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"Roll Up" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE merch available here: Gianni Luminati of Walk off the Earth has some fun looping the song "Roll Up" by Wiz Khalifa. WOTE TOUR DATES:

  1. I wish I could like it twice!
  2. you should cover the lego movie song "everything is awesome". my six year old said so!
  3. Marshall's impression of Gianni is just bang on! xD
  4. You gotta love WOTE, fabulous version of this track Lol@ Marshall so funny :)
  5. that's the best cover of it !! woow *_* 
  6. One of my favorite videos Gianni you are amazing :D 
  7. in the last 3 years i've watched this video more then a dozen times and i swear i never noticed it was marshal at the end untill today. that's great. i wish i could thumbs up this video a second time today
  8. Roll Up - [Walk off the Earth] - Wiz Khalifa Cover:
  9. So Awesome~! 
  10. Here's a little something to help y'all hit that Monday feeling in the nuts! Here's to a rocking week #Wote
  11. Man I love you guys...... skills just plain skills.
  12. Incredible!
  13. Too much talent and criativity on one only guy! Absolutely fantastic!
  14. #mymusichangout #walkofftheearth 
  15. he really love MUSIC! :)
  16. It should be illegal to be as talented as Gianni :c
  17. This man is ridiculously amazing + talented + awesome!!! All in one!!!!
  18. walk off the earth your the best i love you guys 
  19. Beautiful! Gianni is so sexy!
  20. dude, you take lsd?
  21. hey, see that dislike bar? yeah, me neither
  22. Want to see talent? Watch this! Sure there is a loop station involved but the timing is superb.
  23. Awesome cover! 
  24. More wiz khalifa!!!
  25. "Dude", You "Shot a Video"??? What did it do? BaHahahahahahaha.......................... <3 Love you Guys.
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