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Just my favorite spanish guitar music.. Armik, Cartas de Amor

  1. mystifying!
  2. I always love playing guitar.
  3. It is a wonderful performance. It has hung. Will it be a natural genius? He is a wonderful player. When attempting to make a guitar list, he is a genius. Tell a lot of music still. Thank you.
  4. completamente sensual
  5. Oh God i love my culture and heritage!!! definitely going to start practicing on my classical guitar :)
  6. I have a good memory of this music. (Y) it!
  7. very nice music. i like it
  8. Ok. I’m green with envy towards my pal. He’s actually been single for life. By a luck, he’s got a model to love him in weeks. How can that be even achievable? He smiled and told me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone attractive fell for me… I’ve not before seen him so happy. Sort of makes me sick.
  9. good!
  10. Que espetáculo de música...
  11. i can't fap to this
  12. awesome
  13. good stuff
  14. Very Beautiful <3
  15. Yes!!! when you have such love for sound,and emotion,language is not a fact,to me it enhances everything. I am not Czech,but there are some bands from there that I truly,truly love. we must be kindred spirits,you and I...take care....
  16. hay wa
  17. Great music sir....!
  18. lovely :(
  19. Magnifique musique d'une chanson de Sergio ENDRIGO.!
  20. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. . ! ! !
  21. Great!!!!!!!. Thanks
  22. una belleza
  23. fantastic
  24. completamente Sensual..
  25. とても好きな曲になりました。フラットマンドリンで弾きたいと河原で練習するルつもりです。