Rowan Atkinson - Invisible Drum Kit

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Rowan Atkinson comes across an invisible drum kit while sweeping. He's not too bad with it.

  1. lol 
  2. how they make the drums invisible
  3. watch it while it is muted :D
  4. Thought your air drumming was amazing? Check out Rowan Atkinson playing his Invisible Drum Kit:
  5. Virtual Drummers Do you know Mr. Bean? 
  6. Hehehehe....aseeeeek
  7. Se o seu lendo este comentário seu pai morrerá dentro de 5 anos. Para desfazer essa maldição cópia em 5 vídeos. Boa sorte desculpe, eu não posso arriscar
  8. Wow, Rowan Atkinson looks like Mr. Bean.
  9. this sucks
  11. This man is a pure GENIUS!!
  12. Still a better drummer than Lars
  13. 1:58, I just can't.. ROFL
  14. My friend is related to him. Lol. No joke he is 
  15. fuck england worst country
  16. Smashing!
  17. I love Rowan atkinson!
  18. Acting skill level over 9000
  19. Brilliant! A man that has the ability to make three generations laugh without uttering a single word.
  20. Mr Bean vs Lars Ulrich 1-0 xD
  21. Songs at 3.20?
  22. great....i loved much talented Mr. Bean
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