Rowan Atkinson - Invisible Drum Kit

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Rowan Atkinson comes across an invisible drum kit while sweeping. He's not too bad with it.

  1. mondays are fundays fond this one today have a nice monday with this funny vid thanks the owner how share it
  2. First I bang the drums. Then I bang ur mum.
  3. Huh, this already has a thumbs up from me... must be from YEARS ago because I don't recall seeing it before. Haha what a laugh, friggin great vid, can't believe I can't remember it. Must have been back when I was a teen when I last seen it.
  4. lol 
  5. Mr. Bean: *takes sticks* *INCEPTION*....the fuck
  6. Ich will auch ein unsichtbares Drumkit!!!
  7. Smashing!
  8. Virtual Drummers Do you know Mr. Bean? 
  9. hahahahah loooool the king of comedy after Charlie chaplin !
  10. if u guys watch this video closely, u'll realize there is no drum on the stage. they are invisible! 
  11. How old this
  12. 2:25 HAHAHA this dude is awesome :)
  13. If you put Michael Winslow with him for sounds, I think we'll be making the best human drum machine on the planet.
  14. This man is a pure GENIUS!!
  15. Wow, Rowan Atkinson looks like Mr. Bean.
  16. Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy & Mike Mangini didn't see this coming
  17. The Mr Bean look at 1:26 is too funny! LOL
  18. Thought your air drumming was amazing? Check out Rowan Atkinson playing his Invisible Drum Kit:
  19. Hehehehe....aseeeeek
  22. Se o seu lendo este comentário seu pai morrerá dentro de 5 anos. Para desfazer essa maldição cópia em 5 vídeos. Boa sorte desculpe, eu não posso arriscar
  23. I watched this without sound
  24. What is brilliant,is that how is he remember all sounds..
  25. genious
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