Rusko - Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)

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Sigma's remix of Somebody To Love by Rusko. Become a fan of Rusko: Follow Rusko on Twitter: New album "Songs" to be released March 26 (UK) / March 27 (US) Official "Somebody To Love" Music Video - Become a fan of Sigma: Follow Sigma on Twitter:

  1. Like if you knew this song before Forza Horizon (Y)
  2. forza horizon....
  3. my willy grows up into my arse
  4. forza!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sounds like Mat Zo - Superman. Only saying, don't kill me (I like both a lot).
  6. Wow nearly three years old! Thought it had just come out :-O
  7. 894 people don't want to be loved.
  8. fuck "Nobody to love"! this is better
  9. Racing round a lake in a 22b sti (forza horizon) to this tune:-)
  10. Sigma did somebody to love remix and nobody to love song. Is this a fucking troll
  11. Forza Horizon first drive ... I prefer Forza Horizon 1
  12. Sickness! This is awesome ♥
  13. So much trash music nowadays. This is the shit that made DnB amazing. It's not too late to save DnB!
  14. Anyone know a Drum & Bass CD with this song on? Or any CD? I realise I can buy this song on its own for free or paid. But I want a ready made cd that has it to support the artists and label. Much appreciation for any response. Thanks :)
  15. Too bad Forza Horizon isn't for PC as well ;(
  16. UNI KITCHEN FOOTBALL is what this reminds me of, Amp on full blast! RIP to those many glass's that have broken for my drunken satisfaction of the "bend it like beckham" type free kicks
  17. Эьо арма сынок 
  18. Peut-être que c'est aussi Forza qui a repris la musique? Hein! Au lieux de dire l'inverse lol
  19. Back to the days of Forza Horizon 1!!! :D
  20. rusko is a dick. He smokes till he passes out and doesn't come to concerts at which people bought tickets. 
  21. Forza horizion brought me here
  22. bit repetitive ok i suppose, good walking tune
  23. How long has this trance mixy thing been going on? Of course it sounds great. Very good for Trance. Very bad for Drum and Bass. Lovely remix though, electric.
  24. This track is dope AF!
  25. 960 people were not satisfied with this peice of genius...