Rusko - Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)

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Sigma's remix of Somebody To Love by Rusko. Become a fan of Rusko: Follow Rusko on Twitter: New album "Songs" to be released March 26 (UK) / March 27 (US) Official "Somebody To Love" Music Video - Become a fan of Sigma: Follow Sigma on Twitter:

  1. im looking... :(
  2. BA Cadence is a Cunt
  3. Like if you knew this song before Forza Horizon (Y)
  4. Back to the days of Forza Horizon 1!!! :D
  5. Эьо арма сынок 
  6. Sounds like Mat Zo - Superman. Only saying, don't kill me (I like both a lot).
  7. So much trash music nowadays. This is the shit that made DnB amazing. It's not too late to save DnB!
  8. It is actually hilarious how so many people believe that this song is from Forza Horizon. The actual song from Forza Horizon is "Rusko - Somebody To Love (Netsky Remix VIP)" Not this song... You're welcome.
  9. I knew Nobody To Love reminded me of Forza, and it's because Sigma clearly heard this great song - remixed it, and remade his own version.. because there is a distinct link between Somebody to Love and Nobody to Love in the tune.
  10. Forza Horizon first drive ... I prefer Forza Horizon 1
  11. forza horizon....
  12. My favorite song of Forza Horizon <3
  13. Da fuq why is UKF DnB now green? O.o
  14. UNI KITCHEN FOOTBALL is what this reminds me of, Amp on full blast! RIP to those many glass's that have broken for my drunken satisfaction of the "bend it like beckham" type free kicks
  15. There needs to be a music video of this, where a boy and a girl are happily on a road trip together and meet various people and this boy and girl are dating and very happy, kissing, hugging, more... Then one night the boy catches the girl with another boy and it escalates, then we witness heartbreak.
  16. Rusko can never get anything right, someone always has to remix it for it to be a success.
  17. proper summer tune
  18. Name song?
  19. People arguing about what game this song is from and the color of the fucking logo, get a grip! Its a music channel, not and gaming & graphics channel!
  20. Best DnB song ever!
  21. 960 people were not satisfied with this peice of genius...
  22. everyone should be bumping their heads to this, instead getting so voilent on a song like this, over stupid comments
  23. forza!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. me encantaaa!!! todavia la oigo y no me canso!
  25. Hella yeah!!! Love the beat to this song!!! Gets me going!! :DDD