Rusko - Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)

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Sigma's remix of Somebody To Love by Rusko. Become a fan of Rusko: Follow Rusko on Twitter: New album "Songs" to be released March 26 (UK) / March 27 (US) Official "Somebody To Love" Music Video - Become a fan of Sigma: Follow Sigma on Twitter:

  1. what's forza? btw obviously I knew this before this something :)
  2. Like if you knew this song before Forza Horizon (Y)
  3. Df is forza This song makes me wanna roll around and sing in a field of flowers.
  5. my willy grows up into my arse
  6. Listened to this two years ago, and listening now, makes me remember how'd I thrash my house around because of this song. Don't regret it, never will. <3 
  7. <3<3<3
  8. youre not a real DnB lover if you only know this from forza
  9. Wow nearly three years old! Thought it had just come out :-O
  10. Like if you like this song -_- Doesn't matter where they came from, we all love each other!
  11. Forza Horizon first drive ... I prefer Forza Horizon 1
  12. #DNB <3 DAT REMIX!
  13. When I look into your eyes, heart feels like its about to explode with joy and happiness But then again when we're together there's an uncomfortable loneliness I want to stare into your eyes till the day I float away I dead if I'm not with you at least a minute of the day That minute will feel like an eternity But I don't know if that's good or bad Only a minute? Then again its better than nothing I should be glad Yes this poem or love letter is pretty corny I feel lost,I can't tell is this from the heart or am I just horny I guess thats what you feel when love is just a make believe story You just to want to feel a way,that makes your heart stop and just pop,something just anything other than tear drops This feeling that I'm feeling just kills me,eats at me,I'm tired of feeling like the beast with out the Beauty,because that all you'll ever be I can't help it,I need to see your face Just to feel like I'm in a better place I enjoy your company, even though you don't notice me That's why I'm trying to change So I can see things that are good That I thought were strange I'm trying so hard to destroy the image that depicted But the doubt makes me addicted I hope I can reach the happy place But you need to be there,so I can see you face The face that makes me think a bit The face that got feeling like I'm on a rocket ship The face that got me space lit I hope the day with come when I can be with you I hope everything I wrote is true So I can stop believing,because I'll already have you
  14. Imagine you on a plane watching a sunrise from the window while listening to this
  15. 894 people don't want to be loved.
  16. This in Sforza horizon
  17. im love the music and the Forza Horizon 1
  18. Apparently the lyrics are so hard that nobody's posted a lyric video for this yet
  19. RUSKO
  20. forza horizon....
  21. 0_0 [(.Y.)]
  22. im looking... :(
  23. Racing round a lake in a 22b sti (forza horizon) to this tune:-)