russell peters singing in indian

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russell peter is indian but can he speak/sing in indian.

  1. CRAP VIDEO !!!
  2. I wonder how they all communicate together?
  3. thats not him singing its just a waste of time i wanna see him do comedy
  4. I hate you
  5. what the fuck is singing in indian? indian is no language
  6. @85mont: You wasted 2 min. and 21 seconds of time, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!
  7. same here in Philippines..there are more regions in Philippines that uses TAGALOG language, which is why it became our national language...
  8. Shut up ahmed.
  9. oh god now m gonna die cos i watched this vdo..
  10. flag this video please...fucking moron
  11. but i luv u a lot eheheheh :P
  12. ok then...
  13. Idiot... This is not Russel Peters singing... If you wanna upload something, make it something worth watching!
  14. no language like INDIAN u retard!
  15. 18 languages are official.Actually there are more. (regional,local etc)
  16. fuck!
  17. @maghzooby I wasted 5 seconds of my time flicking through this pathetic vid
  18. the hell was that?
  19. nice song
  20. What the Fuck man... screw you asshole...
  21. @maghzooby You actually watched the damn thing?! I stopped immediatly!!
  22. Nothing yar yeh sirf ek kutta hai jo dunia walo ko apne hi maa ka majak uda ke apne liye roj roti ka jugad karta hai.HE IS ONLY A DAMMED IDIOT DOG
  23. I believe he is talking directly to the guy who uploaded this video.
  24. This is the most stupidest video ever. I know this song and he's OBVIOUSLY not singing it. The uploader is not fooling anyone... :P
  25. i was smart enough 2 reliaze with in 10 secs dat this loser has no life and prolly hates his or her parents and want to die and kill everyone :)