Russian Orthodox Choir, Sacred Russian singing Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared" Eternal Counsel

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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. For more This choir is from Moscow. They were recorded while they were touring through the Europe. They defiantly are the great bunch with beautiful voices but it looks like this group gathered just for the tour. Nobody saw or heard of them after. I tried to find them and invite for the tour to US but unsuccessfully. Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared" Soloist: Chernegov-Nomerov Egor (choral dir.)Чернегов-Номеров Егор Глебович Info from Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory

  1. Fantastic! Thank you..:)
  2. validates the human mystery. 
  3. This ancient stikhera is sung at the Annunciation Vespers and is based on the words spoken by Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary: “Revealing to thee the counsel before all ages, Gabriel came and stood before thee, O Virgin; and greeting thee, he proclaimed: Rejoice, thou earth that has not been sown; Rejoice, thou burning bush that remains unconsumed; Rejoice, thou unsearchable depths; Rejoice, thou bridge that leads to heaven and ladder raised on high that Jacob saw; Rejoice, thou vessel of divine manna; Rejoice, thou deliverance from the curse, Rejoice, thou restoration of Adam, The Lord is with Thee.”
  4. Geeze that was suprising & gorgeous. That baritone voice was beautiful *_*
  5. Awesome!!!!!
  6. Just can't get enough, listening again and again ... and of course searching for more. Beautiful music ... and language too. Спасибо
  7. his name georg chernegov-nomerov he studied in moscow state conservatory
  8. This is truly the way music must be performed. No commercial and studio shits, just great human voices. Good job boys.
  9. Marvelous. Russian Orthodox music moves me like no other.
  10. Thank you for the great music! Fabulous!
  11. I can't stop playing this incredibly beautiful piece, the voices of the choir bland so well one would believe they were a larger group, it is so harmonious, the voice of the soloist soars over the group all of a sudden in a most beautiful effect. 
  12. Such a beautiful humble nature.
  13. Huge voice for a sweet song
  14. The orthodox liturgy is in a league of its own. Sure the western churches have beautiful music, but there is a quality about the Eastern Orthodox ( Russian , Bulgarian ) music that is so profoundly moving. I would love to know if this group has made any recordings.
  15. AMAZING !!thank you.............
  16. The Christ Consciousness.
  19. I have rarely heard something more beautiful more touching, the soloist comes up so effortlessly it is almost a schock to hear his beautiful voice when he begins, Is there more from this fellow... ? Thank you so much for sharing.
  20. This young man brings tears to my eyes. He truly sings from the heart.
  21. i have listened to them last year in Carcasonne! i bought one CD, but i would like to have more! Where can i buy them?
  22. amazing and beautiful 
  23. Who's the solist? He has an amazing voice.
  24. Orthodoxy provides an atrium to heaven, . I can believe the angelic choirs sing in Slavonic. Such awe and respect.
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