Russian Orthodox Choir, Sacred Russian singing Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared" Eternal Counsel

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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. For more This choir is from Moscow. They were recorded while they were touring through the Europe. They defiantly are the great bunch with beautiful voices but it looks like this group gathered just for the tour. Nobody saw or heard of them after. I tried to find them and invite for the tour to US but unsuccessfully. Chesnokov's "Gabriel Appeared" Soloist: Chernegov-Nomerov Egor (choral dir.)Чернегов-Номеров Егор Глебович Info from Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory

  1. God blees you my Orthodox brothers and sisters! Big love and support from Macedonia
  2. Кто знал тот состав "Дороса", подскажите, пожалуйста - на этом видео есть Евгений Баданин?
  3. Was lucky enough to hear them in Carcassonne last week - glad to report they are going strong and have two (at least) CD's out
  4. Gänsehaut pur - was für Stimmen! Da können die Back Street Boys einpacken und nach hause gehen.....Gefühle pur! 
  6. I can't find the Russian authadox religion in English anywhere. 
  7. Simply beautiful! Bravo!!
  8. Holy Blessings to all my Orthodox family
  9. Wow, they are wonderful. They need to come over to the U.S. to sing. Elton John is right. Music helps us put aside our differences. 
  10. La fuerza evocadora de la composición de Chesnokov se convierte en un momento de álgida vibración con la voz del grupo pero en forma mayúscula con la resonancia que logra Egor Nomerov.
  11. Uma verdadeira obra-prima! Vozes inexplicavelmente marcantes! Muito obrigado por compartilhar! A truly masterpiece! Unexplainable touching voices! Thank you so much for sharing! 
  12. Got a response from Doros today via email: all 3 albums are now available on iTunes! Priced at $9.99 each.
  13. Qualche giorno fa ho avuto l'emozione di ascoltarli fra le navate di San Basilio! Bravissimi. 
  14. This is nice
  15. When the basso first opened his mouth, I nearly fell off my chair. Only Russians could sing with such soul.
  16. Потрясающий голос. Вдохновляет.
  17. Благословени гласове от Бога
  18. Beautiful voices! very touching! God Bless them and God bless you all!.
  19. L'apparition de l'Archange Gabriel a Notre-Dame Marie, l'annonciation de la naissance du Christ. La manifestation de la puissance de Dieu la plus epoustouflante.
  20. Beautiful! 
  21. Go to the Moscow Music Conservatory Prior to the Revolution the choral faculty of the conservatory was second to the Moscow Synodal School and Moscow Synodal Choir
  22. Divine !!!!!
  23. A piece of heaven!!!! Beautiful!!! 
  24. I listen to this video about once/twice a year because it's one of the few musical pieces, outside of Mozart's Requiem, which allows me to feel as if I'm touching the hand of God..
  25. Beautiful, almost haunting.
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