RX-8 controlled from an iPod Touch

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www.geekmyride.org. Quick demo of accessing a web server linked to an Arduino in my RX-8 from an iPod Touch so it can be started, stopped, locked/unlocked, current location shown on Google Maps, and e

  1. I like all the projects you have done so far but the teaching method you are are using is bit advanced for me so do you have any kind of book or video series you have invented step by step. because i really like to try your projects. Thanks 
  2. Is the computer running off your car battery, and if so, how long before it flattens it?
  3. How do you start the engine if it's in gear with the handbrake up? Wouldn't that cause it to immediately stall or not start at all? (Assuming manual trans here)
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  5. lol people are so gullible
  6. seems legit
  7. unsafe, you know those people.... hackers
  8. Who else is getting sick of the ignorant idiots crying fake on every video?
  9. good job man
  10. What's the point all this? Teach her to go get you some food at walmart
  11. You need to press the clutch in to start the car?
  12. @SuperHouseTV dont bother wasting your energy with these fools that claim your work is fake. i admire your work sir.
  13. Looks very clever. But I have to ask, why would you ever need to do this?
  14. Are you guys on here really that stupid!! This is nothing new, It is very real and very old. Had this on my car years ago! Autopage C3 Had it when no other companies where out yet. I can't beleive that you people are so out of touch with Technology.. WOW!
  15. How do I install it in my car. Do you have the tutorial on how to design the whole board and everything.
  16. @SuperHouseTV Say you hid the actual hardware and other things. If it did get stolen you'd be able to track it. Of course if the computer hardware has not been located/broken or damaged. Very cool.
  17. And for the people that think it will flood the engine. It Will not flood the engine because its fuel injected...
  18. @x1expert1x but it can only happen when the software was open
  19. excuse me @NoTVEntertainment please cover yourself up! Your ignorance is showing!!!!
  20. Cool idea and sounds very reasonable bit I personally like the feel of the clutch when you start it up. I like the rumble sound in the pit. :)
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  22. what is the app called
  23. @Xcel271 try to see what one cost? let me no
  24. it doesnt look like a ipod looks more like htc!
  25. Pls answer me truthfully is it really real