Saliva - Click Click Boom

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Music video by Saliva performing Click Click Boom. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. my IQ dropped 10 pts from listening to this song
  2. Shiiiit she made out with buddy after he just spewed vomit in the pit! Lol just kidding I know It's a video and that they more than likely brushed their teeth before that make out sesh.
  3. I swear ATV Off Road Fury brought me here :D
  4. This is an amalgam of latent homosexuality with a good metal groove. The 'Oughts produced some really creative videos... and then there's this.
  5. Funny how CIA uses this song to torture terrorists :P Search it you'll see it 
  6. Saliva - Click Click Boom:
  7. I'm an older guy (49) and I try to keep up with newer music. I can't listen to Zeppelin and the old Aerosmith ALL the time. So I had to say that I do like this song....fu^*in rocks actually. What I don't get is the need for all the violent imagery. I mean, I get that you're releasing a lot of the frustration that goes along with your daily lives but it looks more like trying to train a new breed of terrorists. Can one of you 20 somethings please explain?
  8. it's all inside of me it's all inside of me it's all inside of my head
  9. Damn that's Muck Sticky at 0:45 
  10. This song was on every gaming playlist I ever created . Never gets old. 
  11. Just drifted in my truck tonight, nailed it with this song. You try drifting with a truck.
  12. In instrumental music, "vibrato" is when a note alternates between high and low pitch in Opera singing. In pop music, "suckato" is when a song alternates between being awesome and sucking ass, as seen in the Saliva composition, "Click Click Boom."
  13. She makes out with him and then he gets up and leaves to go take off his shirt and mess around with other dudes with their shirts off? GAY
  14. Saliva - Click Click Boom:
  15. Every song I've listened to people are talking shit about it. So simple don't listen to it.... if you don't like it change it. But no the assholes have to sit there and talk shit. Plus if you love a song don't take what people say to the heart. Their only looking for a reaction of some sort. 
  16. Hope he cleaned his teeth before she kissed him, he just puked his guts out
  17. i am musically and lyrically stuck about 15-20 years ago....sigh....
  18. +Rui Cabral I found it.....lmao.....know wonder I had problems hahaha I was close lol
  19. That cute chick made out with the kid that just threw up all over the place. Gross.
  20. What is the name of the first car in the video?
  21. Lmao that's sad dude I just like the song well thanks for this great song silva !!!! Ur better then seether
  22. #mymusichangout #saliva 
  23. Click Click DESTROY!!!
  24. AH this was my jam in my green 1997 Firebird 6 cylinder automatic back around 2004... God I remember blaring this song out of my car, gunning my little 3800 Series II motor at green lights, and getting smoked by guys with V8's. Yeah my need for a powerful motor started back in those! I am going to use some examples they play on our rock/metal station here. The song Come With Me Now by Kongos, and Stolen Dance by Milky Chance are only two examples of the crap being played that somehow falls under the category of rock/metal. Saliva naturally blows this "fruit fairy" crap AWAY!
  25. Was just looking up this song because it was on the list of songs used for torture at Guantanamo. I don't even.