Saliva - Click Click Boom

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Music video by Saliva performing Click Click Boom. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. I swear ATV Off Road Fury brought me here :D
  2. Shiiiit she made out with buddy after he just spewed vomit in the pit! Lol just kidding I know It's a video and that they more than likely brushed their teeth before that make out sesh.
  3. So why didn't it go boom after the first trigger pull? Bad ammo?
  4. AWESOME TRACK FOR WORKING OUT. Does anyone know similar songs like this...??? AWESOME GUITAR, ??
  5. Kids don't even go outside and play anymore. It's all sit in front of the TV and play PS4 and eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew.
  6. This is an amalgam of latent homosexuality with a good metal groove. The 'Oughts produced some really creative videos... and then there's this.
  7. Funny how CIA uses this song to torture terrorists :P Search it you'll see it 
  8. Hey look, its the theme song to every WWF/E PPV of the early 2000s!
  9. i always thought it was click click pull
  10. #mymusichangout #saliva 
  11. So, a boner is needed to mosh pit successfully?
  12. my IQ dropped 10 pts from listening to this song
  13. Just one of those songs,you blast on your stereo jumping around in your undies in your room... Click Click Boom! >=]
  14. BLOW AWAY FAKE ROCK RAPPERS! CLICK IT AT THEM -------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  15. What the hell is wrong with me? My mom and dad weren't perfect!!!!
  16. it's all inside of me it's all inside of me it's all inside of my head
  17. You ain't really rockin' unless you're rockin' cholo style socks. lol
  18. Damn that's Muck Sticky at 0:45 
  19. I came here after the giantbomb crew sang this on singstar...
  20. This song was on every gaming playlist I ever created . Never gets old. 
  21. I remember jammin to this playin bmx xxx and test drive.. <3 ps2
  22. In instrumental music, "vibrato" is when a note alternates between high and low pitch in Opera singing. In pop music, "suckato" is when a song alternates between being awesome and sucking ass, as seen in the Saliva composition, "Click Click Boom."
  23. She makes out with him and then he gets up and leaves to go take off his shirt and mess around with other dudes with their shirts off? GAY
  24. Saliva - Click Click Boom:
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