Saliva - Click Click Boom

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Music video by Saliva performing Click Click Boom. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Click click BOOM!!!! Only on +Square Groove Radio !!!!
  2. Turn it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ;D 
  4. one black person in the crowd 
  5. Click Click Boom
  6. Saliva - Click Click Boom
  7. I've always thought this video is insanely awful and the storyline is ridiculous haha. Skinny kid gets fucked up by the obvious asshole that chicks go for. His wildly hot girlfriend decides to give skinny kid a chance and makes out with him after he vomited earlier in the day and had no access to even a toothbrush. He then has a revelation that he's now awesome and proceeds to make an ass of himself for the rest of the video while hot chick probably goes back to her bf's place to fuck him. Just...awful...
  8. I love Josey Scott!! Apparently he is now doing only Christian music.
  9. I used to think he was saying "click, click, pull"... as in, a gun...
  10. Just... CLICK CLICK BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3
  11. Skinny bitch don't even lift tho.
  12. Smashing Pumpkins rip-off...
  13. I remember this song when they used it on the movie the new guy. Love the song and the movie
  14. RASSLIN!
  15. this video makes me hate being a white person
  16. WTf!!! 
  17. where is saliva now? :(
  18. Booooom :-P
  19. Yeah