Saliva - Click Click Boom

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Music video by Saliva performing Click Click Boom. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. my IQ dropped 10 pts from listening to this song
  2. *OOOH HEA ITS BEEN ONE OF THOSE DAYS*!‼️😏😈 "Click Click Boom" #Saliva .. Take care peps! MILLERTIME....
  3. this video is uncomfortable but hilarious af and makes me hate white people.
  4. In instrumental music, "vibrato" is when a note alternates between high and low pitch in Opera singing. In pop music, "suckato" is when a song alternates between being awesome and sucking ass, as seen in the Saliva composition, "Click Click Boom."
  5. +Rui Cabral I found it.....lmao.....know wonder I had problems hahaha I was close lol
  6. i am musically and lyrically stuck about 15-20 years ago....sigh....
  7. Can it be Thursday yet!?!!
  8. Saliva - Click Click Boom:
  9. Lol
  10. Click Click DESTROY!!!
  11. Hope he cleaned his teeth before she kissed him, he just puked his guts out
  12. This song will never get old. 
  13. If it's too loud, you're too old!
  14. he died
  15. That cute chick made out with the kid that just threw up all over the place. Gross.
  16. Bad ass song. Seen you play live on Okaloosa Island in Florida. Keep Rocking brothers!!!! #JustinGristina 
  17. Shiiiit she made out with buddy after he just spewed vomit in the pit! Lol just kidding I know It's a video and that they more than likely brushed their teeth before that make out sesh.
  18. Like if you came here becouse of BMXXX
  19. Perfectly!!!
  20. And Gene Simmons says Rock is dead -> I can see them playing this at 90 yo if they can = says what is Good Rock and timed rock is pop (fashionable or eternal)
  21. coming home'to see I stand alone.war a bitch\\\\\\\.