Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho - Kiss MV (Cass Beer Commercial) Full Version

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...i'm dying for ur kiss, i never wanna miss... this is not really the commercial its the official mv of sandara's first single here's the 30 sec official commercial: if u want the download link of this music video & her audio digital single w/ CL, send me a message on my channel or leave comment that u want this video & her single & i'll send it to u! pls.rate & comment tnx!

  1. My Juice
  2. cant they not make a movie or even better tv serie together
  3. That attitude!! Priceless !! Haha 
  4. I had never Imagine Dara will be this good! I have watched her since she was a celebrity here in the Philippines, she improved a lot! Practice and hard work make you better!
  5. +บุษกร ขันตา Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho - Kiss MV (Cass Beer Commercial) Full Version
  6. Do you know this video of OPPA Lee Min Ho? What do you think about this MV?
  7. What is the name of the song? Please help.
  8. Is lee hafe someth?
  9. What`s the name of this drama ???
  10. Hi minho and dara nice you look like vimpire joke hehehe. But so nice he/she beautefull and handsome saranghaeyo:)))
  11. Lee MinHo is handsome, what he's wearing is sort of weird but I know its his role in this commercial
  13. Oh my Gosh
  14. Best cass tv commerxial ever
  15. as in WOW!
  16. Love the outfit dara
  17. was that woo bin at 5:08 ??? O.O
  18. its kwb at tht tym his nt yet known lol
  19. both of you have a good chemistry.. hope lee min ho and Dara have a movie together. 
  20. Gue lagi suka bgta lagu ni
  21. wow i love diz commercial.. super like both of them
  22. bagay jud cla hahaha cjute
  23. KIM WOO BIN!!!
  24. Cute. Love it.!
  25. Dara ♡♥♥♡ lee minhoo