Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho - Kiss MV (Cass Beer Commercial) Full Version

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...i'm dying for ur kiss, i never wanna miss... this is not really the commercial its the official mv of sandara's first single here's the 30 sec official commercial: if u want the download link of this music video & her audio digital single w/ CL, send me a message on my channel or leave comment that u want this video & her single & i'll send it to u! pls.rate & comment tnx!

  1. This music video felt like I was watching a Korean drama!!! Sandara & Lee Min Ho needs to work together on a drama show soon!!! Pls!!! :) 
  2. im jst wondering why yg dont allow her to do some drama or movie engagement, i heard 2009 dara offered a lots of projects.
  3. Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho - Kiss MV (Cass Beer Co…:
  4. Papa Yg please let Dara unnie and Minho oppa have a drama together! Please and thank you 😂❤
  5. Her biggest mistake 3:40 even if you don't want him, take the shoes, silly! ;D
  6. So sweet minho and sandara i hope she a movie like this
  7. OMG!😀I love d's.i hope the two of them have a drama for real.😘
  8. OMG..Thunder must have freaked out..
  9. Looking forward in k-drama #Lee Min Ho and Sandara Park soon....
  10. They sure have chemistry together.If they'll have kdrama together I'll surely watch it! 
  11. Saw a lot of Gu Jun-pyo in this...
  12. the way dara kiss minho oh my so BADASS....i need a drama for this two now
  13. dara is so hot
  14. dara + lee minhoo = kiss ^^ <3 
  15. Heart moving commercial by Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho - Kiss MV (Cass Beer Co…: ..hope you'll like it as much as I do..
  16. they looked good together...pwedeng loveteam..
  17. I had never Imagine Dara will be this good! I have watched her since she was a celebrity here in the Philippines, she improved a lot! Practice and hard work make you better!
  18. cant they not make a movie or even better tv serie together
  19. :)
  20. I hope they'll make a movie/drama together T^T they look good with each other <3
  21. <3 <3 <3 Lee min ho <3 <3 <3
  22. Min ho looks so handsome with black hair so sexy I love it💋💋💋💋
  23. Hope they have korean drama someday
  24. oh sweet lee min ho