Sarah Slean - Blue Parade

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A hauntingly beautiful song sung by Canadian singer-songwriter, painter, and photographer Sarah Slean. This song was featured as the background music in the Show 'Felicity,' Season Four Episode 7 entitled, 'The Storm.' Sarah Slean released the album entitled 'Blue Parade' on August 17, 1998 on which the title track is on. Sarah Slean is currently a student at the University of Toronto studying music and philosophy Formerly a classical piano major, Sarah has maintained ties with her classical and academic roots by collaborating with several of the Canada's finest orchestras and ensembles (T.S.O, National Arts Orchestra, CBC Radio Orchestra, The Art of Time Ensemble) and by composing, as well as conducting, all of the string arrangements for her material.

  1. This is among my favourite Sarah Slean songs, along with "I know," "Book Smart, Street Street Stupid," "Attention Archers," "Sound of Water," I better stop..this could go on all night :)
  2. Sarah Slean - Blue Parade
  3. magnifique...
  4. @mlb0580 That's an accurate way to describe this song.
  5. me encanta demasiado *.* beaty song for my heart
  6. me too, the best show.
  7. @majicontrast The image is called Blue and it's by Caiticat. You can Google "Blue-22241816" to find the original on her Deviant Art page or get a higher resolution image.
  8. Gorgeous musical soundscape. Love her songs, especially "Mary". The piano has some Tori Amos moments in this song (Scarlet's Walk era), which I've never heard before, so thanks for posting it!
  9. *sigh*
  10. This is my legit favorite song. I listen to it non-stop.. the funny thing is I randomly searched up blue parade in the search bar and this came up, I listened to it and fell in love instantly .
  11. Sarah played this for me about 7 years ago. Most amazing music moment! She is absolutely incredible!
  12. @tuber33 It definitely put me in the mind of Tori Amos but still with a different sound of her own. Beautiful.
  13. I love this song, and I love the tone of her voice! Wish she kept this tone in her later albums
  14. every time i hear this, i feel like i'm back with my gran. i used to play a bad recording of this every night as i fell asleep, i couldn't hear the words, hardly even her voice, but for 5 minutes i forgot about pain, trouble and reality. i felt at peace and for that 5 minutes every night, i could pretend everything was ok, i even sung it to my gran before bed, the night she passed away... i still can't fall sleep without listening to this song and having my 5 minutes of peace.
  15. @TheBlooGrrl you can find the source for the image by Googling "Blue-22241816" that leads to Caiticat's Deviant Art page.
  16. I love the picture you used! Where did you find it??
  17. My favorite song by Sarah. Makes me cry every damn time.
  18. beside loving her voice...her lyrics...her music...ich just fucking love this picture! woh made it?whats the name?
  19. entranced
  20. I found this song one day while watching a Felicity episode...her & Ben in the rain outside a cafe.
  21. This will always remind me of Felicity. Such a great show.
  22. beauty-full in its sorrow.. just love this. So.damned.real.
  23. I could see myself drowning to this song.