Science Nation Army

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Using real footage and sounds from a working science lab, the Inside Knowledge team have reconstructed the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army from scratch. For the full story of the video, check out the Inside Knowledge blog at PLoS: Instruments used: Bass Guitar: Main sensor output cable Bass Drum: Blast Rig Toms: Hammer & Storm Case Hi-Hat: Oil Spray Cymbal: Blast Plate 'Vocals': Laces to contain dummy leg during blast 'Guitar': Accelerometer cable & Fastening Strings The Inside Knowledge Project is now complete. If you want to see what the team behind it are doing now, check out:

  1. Meanwhile, over at Betadyne labs they're making music...
  2. Hillerious version of Seven Nation Army
  3. :) 
  4. Love it.
  5. I adore scientists... (via
  6. Fun Video Friday: White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" performed on things found in a laboratory #music
  8. *Science Nation Army* The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” recreated with sounds from a working science lab. Very cool and it is completely made of awesome.
  9. Science Rocks!
  10. Imperial College makes viral video. Where did those researchers ever find the time?
  11. We should get these guys for next football season to play a Ravens game!
  12. Die White Stripes spielen Seven Nation Army in einem Labor mit einem Labor.
  13. Music for the new scientific renaissance. Complex issues like climate change call for a new level of collaboration, creativity and interdisciplinarity much like this. Let the music making begin.
  14. Rad.
  15. Epic.
  17. COOL!
  19. Science is cool! *And* it makes music!
  20. White Stripes + Science
  21. Awe yeah.
  23. No tener instrumento ya no es excusa para no hacer música.
  24. *Science Nation Army* Using real footage and sounds from a working science lab, the Inside Knowledge team has reconstructed the White Stripes song “Seven Nation Army” from scratch.