Science Nation Army

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Using real footage and sounds from a working science lab, the Inside Knowledge team have reconstructed the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army from scratch. For the full story of the video, check out the Inside Knowledge blog at PLoS: Instruments used: Bass Guitar: Main sensor output cable Bass Drum: Blast Rig Toms: Hammer & Storm Case Hi-Hat: Oil Spray Cymbal: Blast Plate 'Vocals': Laces to contain dummy leg during blast 'Guitar': Accelerometer cable & Fastening Strings The Inside Knowledge Project is now complete. If you want to see what the team behind it are doing now, check out:

  1. i love you
  2. This is great, but watching it is going to give SOMEBODY a seizure.
  3. was this for Mystery Guitar Man?
  4. Merci a L'Oeil de Links
  5. I just can't stop my eyes from drifting to the related videos.
  6. This is an A Capella
  7. @lellbelle They could tune that piece of metal to match the things that cannot be tuned. Play it to the key of the background. The foreground music can change key. But still a cool video.
  8. Compression wave caused by molecules being launched a different wavelengths and amplitudes!
  9. @Makutus It's a high-impact blast rig, used to simulate the force of an explosion or impact (such as a car accident) on the leg.
  10. God I love science.
  11. @RabidIBM same man, just sayinnn.
  12. explain the distortion guitar, or i won't be able to sleep ever again...
  13. Im guna solve 'em all, A science nation army couldn't teach me jack, Hawking's guna tip me off, His radiations leaking from the hole of black. And im reciting Fermat's last at night, So i can accept, That Andrew Wile's second-shot proof, Is totally correct. Cause there are no numbers to satisfy, What that man wrote.
  14. I want to say that this is a result of someone that has WAY to much free time on their hands... but there is a fine line between a waste of time and great usage of time... This video is clearly a great usage of time.
  15. @fgnsfgnsfgn Yeah how DARE they have fun!!! .... *sarcasm*
  16. the song is about marijuana among other things. maybe include a reasoning behind the song selection? lol
  17. Like if Felicia Day brought you here
  18. Now that's real science, i wonder how long it took you to make this o:
  19. now play the solo
  20. You guys are awesome. Loving it.
  21. saw this on the news.. amazing!!
  22. Brilliant and creative.
  23. was this an original song? i feel like ive heard this before. anyway, so cool!
  24. 20 people were Blinded by the Science and hit the wrong button
  25. holy crap its white stripes meets coldcuts timber, love it!
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