Seductive - Take Control (Original Mix)

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buy here : WOOT! Heavy Electro House BOUNCER from Seductive! Extremely addictive and sticky main riff turns all crowds crazy. The Tom Stephan mix takes it even further and gives "Take Control" a much darker, minimalistic taste. This will do irreparable damage anywhere!

  1. Killer!
  2. @moidamir Yes, it is a shame indead
  3. @Mcghi3 I agree with you on that, i've listend to them on my home speakers and then it doesn't sound as dirty as on the big speakers
  4. weer 15 seconden van mn leven verkankerd maar de rest maakt alles goed !
  5. @Mcghi3 listen again to this on a 500w speaker with 110DB output & the bass knob at 1 o'clock; then you'll know why this is dirty, and it's pretty funny that you call me a pop kid, while I mostley mix dirty house (or wathever the correct term is) & dubstep now to get back to the drop, why does a dirty drop have to contain much bass; I thought at was the medlodic part that made it dirty...
  6. Nice... xD
  7. that drop is dirty!
  8. 1:50 unexpected turn
  10. does anyone know where this "keep it comin" sample is from ? There was a monstertune with the same sample around 1996 .... anyone ??
  11. i was expectinq an awesome beatdrop -_____- im sad now
  12. Dope tune
  13. @Mcghi3 my speakers are 132DB output :p I use them for parties but also for hom use en 110DB output is the speaker output, not the output from the mixer to the PA and I actually think that because it has such a weak bassline after the drop it pulls the attention to the dirty sounds (don't know the correct term )