Set Fire To The Rain Adele (Cover)- Ramiele Malubay

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Just learned this song today! Love it! Hope you enjoy! Follow on Twitter! Read 'bout it! Add me! Love you guys!!!

  1. You are amazing! I feel so proud to be filipino when there's people like her with so much talent! Also, our parents went to school together :P I remember my mom screaming at the TV for her to make it during American Idol.
  2. Good job Ramiele.. def a good song choice :] Miss you and Gabe come back to Chicago... Miramar wayyyyyy haha
  3. Awesome!
  4. this is amazing! love your vocals :)
  5. You made me love this song I wish u would do the full cover cuz I love yours more than the original version keep up the amazing job you do!!! :-)
  6. killer vocals! keep em coming (:
  7. your voice is so unique! i love it!
  8. AMAZING <3
  9. I LIKE IT :))
  10. omg u are perfect! kisses from brazil
  11. You need to become famous famous.
  12. i miss you on idol :( you're still amazing ramiele :)
  14. YES. <3
  15. Amazing chick!! beautiful, sincere voice!! I love watching ur vids....
  16. @DannyNoriega TWIEN!!! <3 means a ton! Miss choo!
  17. I loved it!!!
  18. Is this the same ramiele from American idol? She's still that amazing!!
  19. damn ramiele on the posting video tip! on point!
  20. So when is the OTS: with you and Gabe finally com...... oo. Sorry that was supposed to be a secret ;)
  21. omg your so good <3
  22. not bad at all my dear, that's was very nice. keep singing.
  23. good!
  24. That was great!:D
  25. idol parin kita hanggang ngayon ramielle