Shakira - Gypsy

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  1. no learning in saudi arabia... This make me sad.. I can't speak english with american or britian people.. I lost my future that because fucking teachers In saudi arabia... They can't speak english.. So how can i learn this langauge !!!
  2. ok am i the only one who thinks this guy is hot *nosebleed about to happen*
  3. Wizard of Weverly Place brought me here :D
  4. I kinda ship them. :3
  5. Piqué dislike this video :D
  6. Nadal is fucking ugly... Jeezzz Ewww
  7. Wtf? Gypsi in spain?
  8. where are you Pique?
  9. I think Pique is getting ready to kill Rafael Nadal
  10. is that nadal? also alex russo from wisards of waverly place did a real duet of this song with her!!! its an ok song ?/ right?
  11. 동영상과.음악이넘넘아름다워요 .연인들의사랑하는모습이....!
  12. gypsy nations of thiefs
  13. That guy looks stoned as fuck
  14. Shakira - Gypsy
  15. Wouldnt mind a gypsy indeed, as long as she is a good person, and so forth. And has some morales in her bones.
  16. Uncle Kelbo certainly seems into that boy.
  17. this song is racist 
  18. i really live in darkness.... No comment after that
  19. Muy lindo el video 
  20. 3:02 perfect body
  21. *"Walking gets too boring* *When you learn how to fly* *Cause I'm a gypsy* *But are you coming with me ?"* Shakira #np Shakira - Gypsy Jour les amis ;)))
  22. Shakira - Gypsy: Το λατρευω!♥ Και ο Rafa Nadal τι κουκλος που ειναι....!!!!!
  23. It's wierd the way every time a shakers song comes on travller girls dance and now she made a song called gypsy 
  24. beautiful love you