Shakira - Gypsy

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  1. where are you Pique?
  2. is that nadal? also alex russo from wisards of waverly place did a real duet of this song with her!!! its an ok song ?/ right?
  3. Nadal is fucking ugly... Jeezzz Ewww
  4. Gypsies are irish people that live in caravans and do bare knuckle boxing not fucking shakira or radael nadal thick cunts-.-
  5. im a gyosy iyou
  6. 2:39 he get a boner xD
  7. 2:24 Shakira is so sexy. OMG!
  8. Por sou uma cigana??
  9. He look like raphael nadal
  10. My god Nadal Is A Gay How r u Kissing him -.-
  11. That guy looks stoned as fuck
  12. Uncle Kelbo certainly seems into that boy.
  13. Gypsy is the name of my best friend i love her so much <3 :) :* (by the way this is my favorite song !!) x
  14. Am I the only one who thinks shakira is the lucky one here???
  15. Te amo chakira
  16. This song is so sweet!!!
  17. I love this song. And Nadal was so hot.
  18. Shakira is so beautiful!
  19. It reminds me of a Disney movie, just can't remember which one. I came here because it was mentioned that this is newer Shakira song that is good. I'm not criticizing Shakira, I'm just not into the new music, and to me, this song, and other new songs, are just LAMEEEE!!!!!! No offense to anyone = )
  20. nice
  21. Bet Piqué wasn't happy about this
  22. this song is racist