Shakira - Gypsy

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  1. I remember wen Alex sung this song on Wizard of Waverly place 
  2. Misllim da mu je ovo licni rekord neizvlacenja gaca iz dupeta :D
  3. Shakira - Gypsy: Great Song!! :)
  4. ok am i the only one who thinks this guy is hot *nosebleed about to happen*
  5. 노래 는 언제듣고있어도...참좋아요. 내 마음을 즐겁게해~주네요. 경쾌한 음악 으로... 리듬을 맞춰 가며... 춤을 춰 보아요... 오늘도 하루가 즐겁고 행복해 지네요.^^ 여러분들~도함느껴보셔요.ok.ok 굿 ☆ 감사하는마음으로... 오늘을살아갑시다.ok👍 굿 홧팅!♡☆♡ 
  6. where are you Pique?
  7. i wonder what pique feels while looking at this
  8. Am I seriously the only one that's bothered by her nipples in that black outfit? Or the absence? I have spent waaaay too much time trying to figure out how are they hidden.
  9. #shakira 
  10. Rafael Nadal <3 
  11. Why in the he double hockey sticks does she sing like a goat!!👿👿👿👿👿
  12. Seems offensive to actual gypsies
  13. Shakira - Gypsy:
  14. This man is shakira ex husband they brake up because shakira didn't whant to give him a baby and shakira gotten pregnant of pique now that man is mad because shakira wasn't stupid to give him a baby and shakira knew who she will give a baby to that man in this video and they make a video together is tha one that I saw right now and shakira is divorced and that man wanna take away her money and hauses
  15. Rafa is so incredibly sexy in this video.
  16. Shakira - Gypsy:
  17. I swear Shakira is like a spanish dance/ country singer.. 
  18. Shakira - Gypsy:
  19. rafaeelllllll <3!!!
  20. Nadal's booty is how we know there is a God. I just saw his modeling pics for Armani. I need air, Airrrr. He puts Cristiano to shame.
  21. how bekeh salet edo wlaa eh?
  22. Nadal is fucking ugly
  24. Most true Gypsy's don't take clothes though. It's the Pikey's that will take people clothes. This song is amazing its just that one bit.
  25. Brilliant.Added to 2015 channel.