Shakira - Gypsy

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  1. Gypsy - Lady Gaga > Gypsy - Shakira
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  3. Gypsies are a huge trouble in Europe. Anyone who bitches about racism should go and see what those disgusting vermin do.
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  5. 'Cause I'm a gypsy. Are you coming with me? I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me. Never made agreements, just like a gypsy. And I won't back down 'cause life's already bit me. And I won't cry, I'm too young to die if you're gonna quit me 'cause I'm a gypsy. I can't hide what I've done, scars remind me of just how far that I've come. To whom it may concern, only run with scissors when you want to get hurt.
  6. Just when I thought I coudln't be any more of a Rafael Nadal fanatic...
  7. He was one lucky dude
  8. Lady Gaga's Gypsy is much better!
  9. Is this a joke? What on Earth did they do to her voice? Yuk!
  10. Shakira's beautiful and original voice... Missed it a lot <3
  11. They look so good together <3
  12. Creo Que Sola Una tenemos solo Buena ..Como Ella..
  13. wow, Rafael Nadal!! you absolute beast! getting lucky with Shakira hahaham maybe one day you'll let her handle your tennis balls ay? ;) haha
  14. Rafa Nadal
  15. it's the clothes..they have these breast-cover-skin-tone thingys they wear with dresses like those.
  16. please love and respect u.u
  17. goddamn lucky motherfucker
  18. she didn't stop! She's coming with a new album in a few months!
  19. This is for the Angel of my Dreams....I have loved for about a Year....For GOD so Loved Me HE Brought A Beautiful Gorgeous ANGEL into my LIFE to Guard and Watch Over Me..I LOVE HIM Like I LOVE my Daddy an Mummie....I AM so Blessed and LOVED....Thank you ABBA FATHER and Ya'shua...!
  20. Amoo shakira!
  21. RAFAEL NADAL?????
  22. 2:39 ups Nadal
  23. -HEY PIQUE -WHAT? - shut up you're gay.
  24. pause it at 2:39... you can't blame the guy she is hot