Shakira - Gypsy

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  1. I kinda ship them. :3
  2. Guys this isn't Nadal it's Rademal Falcao
  3. Nadal is fucking ugly... Jeezzz Ewww
  4. Wtf? Gypsi in spain?
  5. where are you Pique?
  6. is that nadal? also alex russo from wisards of waverly place did a real duet of this song with her!!! its an ok song ?/ right?
  7. That guy looks stoned as fuck
  8. this song is racist 
  9. Uncle Kelbo certainly seems into that boy.
  10. 3:02 perfect body
  11. Wizard of Weverly Place brought me here :D
  12. *"Walking gets too boring* *When you learn how to fly* *Cause I'm a gypsy* *But are you coming with me ?"* Shakira #np Shakira - Gypsy Jour les amis ;)))
  13. Shakira - Gypsy: Το λατρευω!♥ Και ο Rafa Nadal τι κουκλος που ειναι....!!!!!
  14. It's wierd the way every time a shakers song comes on travller girls dance and now she made a song called gypsy 
  15. beautiful love you
  16. That was a very sensual and beautiful thing :3 I just replace Nadal by the man I secretly love and put myself as Shakira... :3 <3
  17. Am I the only one who thinks shakira is the lucky one here???
  18. Gypsies are irish people that live in caravans and do bare knuckle boxing not fucking shakira or radael nadal thick cunts-.-
  19. im a gyosy iyou
  20. dat nadal 1:29
  21. 2:39 he get a boner xD
  22. 2:24 Shakira is so sexy. OMG!
  23. Por sou uma cigana??
  24. He look like raphael nadal