Shakira - Gypsy

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  1. where are you Pique?
  2. This man is shakira ex husband they brake up because shakira didn't whant to give him a baby and shakira gotten pregnant of pique now that man is mad because shakira wasn't stupid to give him a baby and shakira knew who she will give a baby to that man in this video and they make a video together is tha one that I saw right now and shakira is divorced and that man wanna take away her money and hauses
  3. Misllim da mu je ovo licni rekord neizvlacenja gaca iz dupeta :D
  4. Nadal is fucking ugly
  5. غجر
  6. Why in the he double hockey sticks does she sing like a goat!!👿👿👿👿👿
  7. gypsy nations of thiefs
  8. Shakira & Nelly Furtado use the banjo so well in their arrangements. It's thought of as a country instrument, but comes from Africa. Shakira blends genres so effectively w/o becoming fusion. The English actor Michael Caine's wife's name is Shakira. I believe he met her on the film shoot for "the Man Who Would King". Fan of both artists whose variety and quality of work puts them in the Pantheon of performers. 
  9. Rafa is so incredibly sexy in this video.
  10. She is so beautiful and very talented. Beautiful voice
  12. is that nadal? also alex russo from wisards of waverly place did a real duet of this song with her!!! its an ok song ?/ right?
  13. Come rendere interessante lo studio di storia della lingua! Grazie Nadal <3
  14. #joseph Better player than Nadal is Novak Djokovic from Serbia. I proud for my country. Respect not just to one, to all players, and dont make a bullshit bitch. 👎
  15. Nadalllll s2 loveeee
  16. Thanks Shakira, Pique is passed from being one of the best top defender in the world to be a really weak one, hala Madrid!
  17. Shakira is a goddess! So incredibly, divinely beautiful!
  18. Just wondering Pique's reaction after watching this.
  19. shakira has no nipples 
  20. Omg shakira is so lucky she has nadal next to her . Nadal is the best i love him so much 
  21. i love this song i dance for hours just listening i know the whole song now
  22. Wizards of a waverly place brout me here
  23. Years later still my favorite shakira 's song......
  24. im half gyspy so me to a tee......js
  25. Sopaaaaaaar ! ! ! :D Love from TURKEY :)