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  1. Me encantó este video de youtube. Desarrollado por TubeMate(
  2. Она так хорошо!
  3. 100% Colombian talent. Composes, choreographs, writes, Orchestra woman in one.
  4. name of music please???
  5. exelente
  6. why did she fall into this crap , she used to be so natually sexy, now its just blatant. this is what america did to her....hope she goes back to what she used to be, still hope...i hope
  7. @babacool81 oo ok it's on the She Wolf (deluxe version) album you can find it on itunes
  8. Good.
  9. Why would I rather watch John Bonham play the drums than this silly jelly bean jumping up and down on the stage? It's one of those stupid pop dances that all look the same. Nothing special here. Just sap for brain dead sheeple.
  10. @jimmygt4 dont be hating..Just saying.
  11. aaaaaaaand im done.xD jk. shes great!
  12. WHO THE FUXX is Gaga? or Britney? you mean this sterilcold plasticfakesexrobotdolls made of shit and plastic??? wwuua my Fridge is hotter then the REAL Lady G. or Brit.... While Shakira--WOW she so stuniing natural and superhot with THE FEMALE VOICE OF COLUMBIA!!!
  13. lopez is the man presenting the show called ''tonight",you can see him in the end
  14. @mariaAsis Cos they are GOOD DANCERS, can`t you see?
  15. Bad recording..Just saying
  16. Valo tobe beshi noy...But or sathe sex korte khub moza hobe
  17. I can not translate well but in Greece we say: " And by voice... hot body"
  18. wait i didn't see anything like jlo that's all is hers movies jlo is Fuckin shit
  19. They meant on George Lopez tonight. It's a show . i also though the exact same thing in the beggining
  20. @efinmudabich HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  21. Verynice and very cheap belly dance clothing sinobay24 com
  22. heneal¡¡¡¡ excelente
  23. i love this song and the way shakira
  24. fucking culona