Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull

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  1. It's Leviosa
  2. Oh that is the best strip dance i ever seen
  3. What does rabiosa mean?:)
  4. Does she ever age?
  5. Ft. Pitbull... Really?
  6. Lov it
  7. She should sing Arabic, since she has some Arabic heritage.
  8. If you're a stripper and want to make more money, learn how to sing.
  9. For the one´s who doesn´t understand: rabiosa = wild mami, papi = here we can say it menas "baby" boca = mouth Easy :)
  10. Damn She is hooot <3
  11. Black hair better than blonde
  12. Oh God Pitbull and Shakira are a better combination than dipping fries in Milkshake. Shit now I'm hungry, so I'ma go grab some fries and a shake and come back and eat it while watching more of ma girl Shakira!
  13. I don't understand in Spanish version and I don't understand in English version. But the worst, I'm from Mexico. See my problem? 
  14. Pitbull ruined the song 
  15. she should do p0rn or at least release a private s3x tape
  16. celebrities are the only human beings that the more they grow in age they get younger and more beautiful .... damn lucky them 
  17. Gerard will not be happy :D
  18. Rabiosa, Rabiosa 
  19. Shakira got some sexy moves in this video!
  20. We love danceing omg mhy blood is dancing
  21. MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!
  22. IT angers me that Pique is getting that 0:54 everyday.l.... fck him