Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull

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  1. If she has got skills of strip that doesnt mean she has to make porn you perverts
  2. Bite me en la boca! :D
  3. rabiosa zumba,zumba.zumba
  4. oyy shakira
  5. I Love Shakira.
  6. Rabiosa, Rabiosa 
  7. What does rabiosa mean?:)
  8. MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!
  9. I like it more in spanish it makes more sense but still Rabiosa rabiosa yo soy rabiosaa 
  10. Still one my favs shakira's songs !
  11. ra tata
  12. I had almost forgotten how much i love this song ♥
  13. IT angers me that Pique is getting that 0:54 everyday.l.... fck him
  14. You gotta love that fro at 0:17.
  15. Hot mama!!
  16. ratata?!pokemon ratata?
  17. shakira muy sexi
  18. Go go 200 000 000
  19. La Reina!
  20. Who's the guy in the minute 1:17 , I think I've found the love of my life :)
  21. sorry pique , but I'm in love !!!!!!
  22. Como te das cuenta nadien te ase caso! hahah pobre pero en fin shakira es la reina en todo! mientras otras anelan tener el exito de shakira y sus milliones!
  23. Rabioooosaaaaa
  24. still the sexiest lady in the world