Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull

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  1. Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull: 
  2. Deym shakira so hot! that voice, that body, that beautiful face... JUST SEXY! :D
  3. RABIOSAAAAA .......❤❤.......
  4. pique you lucky bastard
  5. Rabiosa ♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♦ (English Version) Shakira ft. Pitbull So hot! Ratata♫ Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull #shakira #rabiosa #pitbull #englishversion #musicvideo 
  6. Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull: 
  7. Please, someone tell me the 0:56 guy name. 
  8. Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull: 
  9. Lindíssima canção, vídeo com qualidade e belas imagens. 
  10. Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull: 
  11. Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull: 
  12. Honestly, this song is great, but it deserves a much better quality music video.
  13. es leviosa no rabiosa
  14. Shakira - Can't Remember to Forget You - Drum Cover HERE; ** T U O M O D R U M S **
  15. todas las latinas somos rabiosaaasss!!! Esoooo !!!! jajajjaa
  16. ''You know i want you atracao ohi've got too much of that sex appeal....oye papiii if you like it mocha come get a little closer and bite me en la boca...!''
  17. Te quiero shakira me encanta tu voz!!!!!soy tu #1 fan 
  18. Satan is behind this kind of carnal, worldly music. The evidence = This music does not glorify the Lord and God Jesus Christ - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This music is just vain garbage. Repent and turn to the Lord and God Jesus Christ and be saved!
  19. Someone cut out pitbull from this song, would be so much better. 
  20. I think she's wearing a wig...
  21. Miren me gusto pero el vídeo en la parte q shakira se baila en el tubo iiiiiiuuuuu no me gusto eso hee digo q el vocabulario de esta canción mm mm por favor ed un poco perverso no cree en bueno pero le di mi me gusta y ya 
  22. She can deepthroat me any day..
  23. 1:17 if you find the name of that guy omfg i would be so thankfull
  24. 200,000,000
  25. It's Leviosa not rabiosa
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