Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull

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  1. Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull: 
  2. 0:07 It's me or she looks like Alyssa Milano ?
  3. Rattata = Pokemon
  4. Lov it
  5. For the one´s who doesn´t understand: rabiosa = wild mami, papi = here we can say it menas "baby" boca = mouth Easy :)
  6. Ratata!
  7. ratatataaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Bellissima sta canzone!!!La canto quasi sempre XD
  9. It is not even english version lol
  10. too old but very nice
  11. Marry me
  12. wow, now that's a song! 
  13. genero
  14. Black hair better than blonde
  15. Feliz Domingo Plussers. A mover el esqueleto. #sunday #happysunday 
  16. Buenos diaaaa arriba todos
  17. my fav!!!!!
  18. Damn She is hooot <3
  19. 1:16 Yummy, yummy in my tummy. p.s/ Does Shaki know she looks tons better as a brunette?
  20. CUANTAS VECES SE HA DE VER DADO CON EL TUBO POR MOVER LA CABEZA ASI??? jejejeje... m encanta el video!
  21. she should do p0rn or at least release a private s3x tape
  22. BONIT0