Shakira - Rabiosa (Spanish Version) ft. El Cata

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  1. La teibolera shakira
  2. judging from her eyes, she's here virgin
  3. I love the way she says "Oye papi"
  5. Rabiosa!
  6. I wish I had Rihanna body 😭😭😭
  7. 1:16 my favourite part :D
  8. it shakira as stripping?
  9. Pornstar.
  10. this is a great song to dance to
  11. 3 Thumbs up! 
  12. I've been listening to Shakira for sooooo long. 
  13. pole dancing?
  14. I prefer it when she sings in spanish actually :) Even though I don't understand her.
  15. stupid video and song
  16. Chaparrita pero absolutamente ¡buenísima! y súper sexy.
  17. Vivan los Shakifans!!!!!!!! Dale me gusta a este comentario si eres shakifan forever
  18. Buenas canciones
  19. vamos Shakifans ----> 20,000,000 vamos
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  21. Perfect!
  22. Por favor más reproducciones y menos spam
  23. Nice
  24. 20 Million Views Goooo!!!
  25. Quien fuera pique y no exactamente para jugar en el barca ajajaaj