Shakira - Rabiosa (Spanish Version) ft. El Cata

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  1. Spain might have lost, but Pique always wins
  2. I knew she was a stripper, what I hate is that she says she is shy!!!! SHY?? LOL stupid comment
  3. She has black hair
  4. judging from her eyes, she's here virgin
  5. Shakira has enough sex appeal with clothes on, she doesn't need to hoar it up like this - thumbs down.
  6. We all came here because of the thumbnail
  7. it shakira as stripping?
  8. Though I'm English, I prefer the Spanish version. It sounds much better
  9. I wish I had Rihanna body 😭😭😭
  10. Whats mean "Rabiosa"?
  11. I've been listening to Shakira for sooooo long. 
  12. RAtatatataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. So THIS is where all the McDonald's ball pits went. 
  14. 3 Thumbs up! 
  15. What does "Rabiosa" means ?
  16. I prefer it when she sings in spanish actually :) Even though I don't understand her.
  17. I love music
  18. Es LEBIO-SA XD
  19. Rabiosa.
  20. Shakira....Rabiosa Lets dance n party 
  21. Much better like this
  22. this woman makes me feel connected to hispanic culture like no one else...literally she's like the only hispanic icon i have that i can think of right now...and i am only half spanish, but let me tell you, i just experienced major prejudice this morning, and HALF BREEDS get it just as bad if not WORSE cause it comes from BOTH sides...nowhere to turn to for comfort! my mom will just say to ignore the voices in my head. my father will do something disgusting. 
  23. this is a great song to dance to
  24. man one word hot 
  25. If you like it mocha ;)