Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 Auditions

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See You Again Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth | Acoustic Cover - | Shaun Smith, nicknamed Stellios, a rugby player amazed the judges with his excellent singing. Shaun if you are reading this, please do contact me so that I can include a link to your profile etc. :: © FremantleMedia Group - no intention to infringe copyright

  1. Amanda needs to chill xD
  2. Move on. Com. he's a good looking guy with an awesome voice. what more do you want out of life. A baby's arm holding an apple. What song is that from?
  3. where is he now!!! NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!
  4. Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 Auditions:
  5. He sucks dicks, literally.
  6. He is alright, nothing to get excited about though.
  7. He did justice to that beautiful song. 
  8. Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 Auditions:
  9. He is ok, but what other songs can he sing
  10. I agree with what the female judge is trying to say about his body language. I think what Simon was really meaning to say was that it was an appealing aspect for the audience, because you don't expect a voice like that from someone who is shy on stage.
  11. he kinda looks like josh hutcherson lol
  12. All these people who criticize these shows are either jealous or talentless. Want people who say that hate theses shows ,DONT WATCH THE FUCKING CLIPS!!!
  13. wow I knew he was good when he sang the first 3 words.
  14. he's gorgeous. he sings ok.
  15. He made the legendary long note.. well impressed.. cute as a button too :P xXx
  16. These monkeys are so fucking annoying with their fucking screaming... Dear fucking God, he's not THAT good! It's the song you're squealing for... 
  17. I have not benn back to England for some time but did ever become anything of him?
  18. simons smilling wow
  19. Sensacional!!!!
  20. This piece is tough to, keeping pace is hard and the lad just managed to make it.
  21. Porra me arrepiei. Essa musica é muito foda
  22. LMAO!!! The woman judge looked like she was going to jump out from her chair and have her way with that kid...looks like I need to learn a new skill. 
  23. defiantly yes for me
  24. 2:14 She wants some :)
  25. Guy should've gone places
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