Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 Auditions

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Amazing Guitar Lessons @ Jamorama Shaun Smith, nicknamed Stellios, a rugby player amazed the judges with his excellent singing. Shaun if you are reading this, please do contact me so that I can include a link to your profile etc. :: © FremantleMedia Group - no intention to infringe copyright

  1. il gass bien
  2. Bill Withers is better.
  3. All these people who criticize these shows are either jealous or talentless. Want people who say that hate theses shows ,DONT WATCH THE FUCKING CLIPS!!!
  4. If you have the talent, why wouldnt you just be out there performing, these talent shows are ridiculous, YOu shouldnt have to stand in front of so-called judges. Get out there and communicate with your audiences.
  5. Shaun Smith is really a good singer love his voice
  6. What's so special about him?
  7. he was terrified-but greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
  8. Amanda Holden should shut her mouth about stuff she knows nothing about. Leave the singing and the record deals to the proffesionals Amanda. You just sit there looking pretty.
  9. Isso é que é CANTAR de verdade. E é amador... é CALOURO!! Agora, aqui no Brasil, VALESKA POPOSUDA que não sabe nem FALAR direito... é considerada DIVA !!! AFF... Paizinho SEM NENHUMA cultura e conhecimento musical!
  10. reading these comments ya'll can do so much better pzzzz stop sniveling
  11. Why are so many people bashing this kid? He's not the best singer in the world ,but he's pretty damn good. He's only going to get better. 
  12. if I was not engaged to be married I would go on a date with the middle judge
  13. I think the judges saw too many awful performance before this one, 'cause it isn't that great. It's ok, with some training he could sing decently, but this is only slightly above average and not deserving of the praise he got. Just my opinion!
  14. brit pussy should have done the DMX version...grown some balls
  15. Nothing good, theres is no soul in this lithe boy, liten people Fredy King !!!
  16. Is a stomach ache? HAHAHAHA
  17. its not a song for you ! You don't feel it , you're in love with the idea of singing...without feeling it.......maybe select next time Jose Feliciano or something like this ?
  18. Absolutely absolutely hate this. There are talents on this show but this is definitely not it. Random bastardization plus heavy heavy overuse of vibrato. This is good as a demonstration of one's vibrator and scat singing quality, but the one thing that most modern singer lack is hidden behind that heavy vibrato usage. Oh and that one thing? Something magic. What's that? Look for Freddie Mercury. Or Louis Armstrong. Or Chloë Agnew. Or Andrea Bocelli. Vibrato is good when people don't actually notice it. Overuse and it will annoy the hell out of people.
  19. OMG he was mazing my gad that really song .
  20. Beauuuuutiful voice! (y) 
  21. The music 4:40 ? The name?
  22. Have me chills once he got all three years cause you can see him look right up at his buds saying wow I did it thanks guys. I don't it was awesome 
  23. Such a brilliant song he choose
  24. Wuw just amazing.....Wuuuuw
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