Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 Auditions

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Amazing Guitar Lessons @ Jamorama Shaun Smith, nicknamed Stellios, a rugby player amazed the judges with his excellent singing. Shaun if you are reading this, please do contact me so that I can include a link to your profile etc. :: © FremantleMedia Group - no intention to infringe copyright

  1. Just pause the video at 1:33 lmao damn she want the D!
  2. a whiteman can't get across like black soul or musicians in general do,you see,eminem can rap and play with words all day but he's still not black and i don't feel him just like millions don't(most his fans are white,and basically whitepower racists), you gotta live the life for me to feel that connection,my life is 10times harder than any given whiteboys life,see your life is so easy it gets surreal & boring,everything you want you can have,you know nothing about struggling,so how is he going to touch me when he cries about pain??? i know most of you will argue this but it just shows that am right.
  3. meh. no soul.
  4. Very bland, uninteresting, mediocre, passionless voice. Don't understand why they're making such a big deal out of this guy. 
  5. I cant feel it, he doesnt sound depressed this is a depressing son. not a happy one. 
  6. LMAO!!! The woman judge looked like she was going to jump out from her chair and have her way with that kid...looks like I need to learn a new skill. 
  7. Great version of the song. I hope he does well.
  8. Yeah, he's pretty much ok. Next.
  9. He really is good
  10. I think Amanda needs a panty change
  11. It's a sad emotional song and he and the audience are smiling. It's like putting sad lyrics to music in a major key. Major key = Happy :) Minor key = Sad :(
  12. Not feelin him it's his persona and image the judges are after
  13. Chael no hespect nothing.
  14. he was so adorable!!!!!
  15. Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 Auditions
  17. 2:16 .. pussy dripping !
  18. You won't believe this guy
  19. Amazing.
  20. He's okay. 
  21. He's good, but he's just one of those acts that go through but never materialize, and reach the finals. Not trying to put him down since it's still a very big achievement to progress through the stages of this competition. 
  22. Oh no.
  23. It's a different version, but he's still good. 
  24. He's now a musician, and he's called Stealth.
  25. he missed a part :( but it was still good :)
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